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Aura & Peter’s video game themed wedding included arcade games, pinball games and a Team Fortress 2 wedding cake. Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play team-based first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. These beautiful photos were taken by Zenia Photography.

Bride Jennifer had her Zelda themed wedding ring custom made by Roger & Hollands using a design she created in Photoshop. You can see the iconic triforce symbol made up of diamonds. Jennifer says, “It turned out mostly like my picture though the marquis stones should have been more pointed and the wings should have been 3 parts starting smaller and getting bigger going out. All the stones are sapphire and the band is 14k white gold with yellow gold wings and cost a total of $2005.”

“1-up” your fellow brides with this collection of video game themed wedding invitations, that will fill anyone’s health bar.

Looking for a creative way to invite your family and friends to your big day? Or even if you go the more traditional route for your wedding, a fun invite will make you the envy of all your friends. Here are some great examples of video game themed wedding invitations that others have used to make their wedding invites “powered-up”, with the likes of Pac-man, Portal and Mario. Because nothing says wedding like 8-bit hearts.

A professional hobbyist, Paul is the “mind behind the mayhem” at Paul Pape Designs. Paul has created stop-motion animated shorts, worked on commercials, industrials and sculpted all of the works on his site. let Paul create a custom geeky cake topper for your wedding.

These spooky and adorable Day of the Dead “Newlydeads” salt & pepper shakers would double as a great cake topper for a Halloween,  Day of the Dead or Gothic themed wedding. Made of hand painted glazed ceramic and available at Plasticland.

A unique way to add personality and color to any cake, graffiti. Along with the brick pattern in the fondant this Graffiti cake from UK cake shop Sugar Bliss Cake Company is anything but traditional.

“At SugarBliss Cake Company we love to create elegant, individual and detailed wedding cakes, that not only look stunning and beautiful but also taste as delicious as they look, and within your budget. Whether you commission us to create a traditional or contemporary style cake, your uniquely designed wedding cake will be the perfect centre piece for your reception and the cake of your dreams that will leave your guests absolutely delighted, as well as you.”

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick available at ThinkGeek is perfect for a centerpiece at any Star Wars themed wedding. Each Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick is a precise scaled down re-creation of Darth Vader’s blade cast in zinc-alloy and chrome plated. Three no-drip red taper candles are included but most standard taper candles will fit the candlestick properly. The circular base unscrews to provide a more authentic look to the saber hilt for the true Star Wars collector.

What happens when you have two Electrical Engineering students and one decides to forever “connect” their love together, use a PCB. A PCB, or a printed circuit board, is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.
Having recently started a project that required Mara to design a circuit board and have it fabricated. Bill, knowingly decided to help her out by getting the circuit board professionally fabricated by preparing the design to be sent off to Laen’s DorkbotPDX service. As soon as the email to Laen was sent with the design he sent them another email asking if they could add a message to the boards? They agreed.

Josh Bach’s tribute to the arcade video game, Space Invaders, designed by Tomohiro Nishikado, and released in 1978. Crimson space aliens march in formation joined by an occasional yellow extraterrestrial friend make for a great tie by Beau Ties Limited.