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Tim + Audrey’s Meme Proposal

When it came time for Timothy Tiah to propose to his long-time girlfriend, he knew that he wanted to do something a little bit different and unconventional. Incorporating memes in a romantic way, this daringly and hopeful boyfriend popped the question to unaware girlfriend. Audrey never even noticed until the time when Tim revealed himself with meme place cards. That was when all the cameras (all 4 in total) started rolling. 
“Even scarier, there was another cameraman hiding behind me the whole time in the corner recording us eating!! Super not aware of my surroundings lo I sure become a victim of crime wan cos people will just sneak up on me and rape/rob/stab/kidnap me easily,” says Audrey. Using a series of cards with customized images featuring various memes, Tiah proposed in a hilariously and unique way that left Audrey in tears.