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Create a Signature Gamer Cocktail

Add a personal touch to your reception menu with a signature cocktail. It is also a great way to keep your wedding budget manageable by cutting the open bar and instead offer simply wine, beer and a signature cocktail. 

Like this pair of Portal 2 cocktails created by James Dance, the proprietor of the bar/arcade Loading. Designed to resemble the two colored portals from the excellent sci-fi puzzle game. Relying on Blue Curacao and Orangina for the color (with vodka and rum for the kick), this neon pair is sure to teleport your tastebuds to new heights -or get you hammered. See more gamer inspired cocktails at the U.K. Guardian and Obvious Winner.

The finest beverage breakthroughs from the Aperture alcohol research labs. Drink them in the name of science. You monster.
What you’ll need
Blue Curacao
Small tumblers

A sweet yet heroic epic, pairing elderflower presse with spiced rum to cast an exotic spell over your taste buds.
What you’ll need
Skyy vanilla vodka
Sparkling elderflower presse
Spiced rum (Sailor Jerry)
Orange peel

The caped crusader better have some paracetamol in that utility belt – this isn’t so much a cocktail as a super villain fist fight.
What you’ll need
Crushed ice
Blue Curacao
Cranberry juice
popping candy
Fresh Mint
sugar syrup
Blackcurrant coulis (you can buy this in bottles or jars if you don’t want to make your own)

Earn maximum experience points by priming and consuming this explosive concoction.
What you’ll need
Crème de Menth
Energy drink
Black vodka

Seeking adventure? Ignite this Goldschlager and overproof rum depth charge then plunge it into a ginger beer ocean.
What you’ll need
Ginger beer (You could use Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer if you fancy more of a kick)
Overproof rum (“we use Wray and Nephew,” says James)
A box of matches

Sonic The Hedgehog Shot
What you’ll need
1 part grenadine
2 parts Menthomint Schnapps

4 parts Blue Curacao  

Warp Pipe (Super Mario Bros)
What you’ll need
3/4 shot Blue Curacao
1/2 bottle Mike’s Hard Limeade

1/2 shot Bols Melon
1/2 Lime (cut into wedges)