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Megan + Thomas’ Vintage Superhero Wedding

In a kitschy retro diner that invoked the classic Marvel Comics of their childhoods, Megan and Thomas found  the inspiration for their own superhero wedding.

“S-U-P-E-R-H-E-R-O-E-S. Like the larger-than-life-muscles-galore figures who graced the pages of our Marvel comic books when we were kids. They conquered the world and the many challenges life threw in their direction; much like Tom and me. An ocean and 4,000 miles separated us for 18 months as I pursued my dream to live and work overseas in Prague, Czech Republic and Tom continued to work on his dream as an MD/PhD student tracking towards a career in transplant surgery in Minneapolis. Worlds apart, but connected by the fervor of young lovers sharing hundreds of love letters, we made a commitment to conquer the world as one. So as we began to plan our wedding, the theme happened upon us naturally.”

The invitations featured superhero artwork, as did the guests’ table markers and the officiator weaved superhero themes of strengths and weakness into his ceremonial message. For more about the wedding planning, design and all its Etsy-infused glory, head over to Megan Harrod’s Etsy blog to view more photos from Photographer Cat Norman.