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Thea + Adam’s Reanimated Love

Thousands of zombies filled Trinity Bellwoods park and the surrounding streets of Toronto in search of fresh brains at the ninth annual Toronto Zombie Walk. What they may not all have realized, however, was that they would also be witnessing the wedding of Thea Munster to the love of her reanimated life Adam Invader.


photo credit: Scott Snider

Waiting for the bride, you could here the sounds of organ music being played. When it stopped, a hush fell over the crowd as pallbearers made their way through the crowd with a coffin. Arising from the coffin a tattooed arm grasping a bouquet of festooned skulls and funereal flowers. The makeup on both the Bride and Groom is done well, not too gory for a wedding but enough to really feel like they are dead.

photo credit: Scott Sniderphoto credit: Scott Sniderphoto credit: Scott Sniderphoto credit: Scott Snider

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