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Steampunk bouquets feature vintage buttons, watch and clock parts, victorian lace, metal flowers and vintage brooches. Steampunk design combines futuristic and victorian themes into a fictional alternative. Unlike fresh flowers, these metal bouquets can last forever and be used as a keepsake or for a decorative piece after the wedding.

Take your pick from Optimus Prime, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman And Wolverine.

Created by Little Box of Ideas, ”I decided to do a set of Superheroes Palettes. If it worked for them, then the combinations would have to be perfect. So I picked up a few of my favorites from the top of my head and picked a color palette of 12 colors for each, saved them as .ase [Adobe Swatch Exchange] files and Voila!! I have a zip file of 8 palettes for you to download.”

A Super Mario Bros wedding invitation made by artist Larry T Quach.

Packaged in a fibrous cardstock that mimicked the original Nintendo. On the front of the cartridge where the Nintendo logo used to be is replaced with Tanouye, the brides maiden name. In place of the official seal is Watkins, the last name of the groom. 10-08-11 is the date the couple set for the wedding.

A creative and geeky proposal for girlfriend Jenny, whose a huge Star Wars fan. Unknowingly, sits down to eat dinner only to have her life change forever after this video starts playing on the TV above the bar.

Forget the mini wine bottles and personalized keychains why not get your wedding guests something they can really use, zombie insurance! Easy and affordable your guests will enjoy the benefits of full coverage zombie insurance for life a benefit general insurance companies do not cover. Your guests will thank you for saving both time and money for repairing their house, replacing their iPad, or fixing their car after the zombies come rampaging through their neighborhood. Zombie insurance only covers material things like cars or Playstations, but not to worry, you won’t need medical when your zombie food or a potential zombie liability yourself.

Kit Includes:
Insurance ID card, proof of insurance certificate, and “Protected By” window decal to ward off potential zombie attacks. Buy it now!