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Day 7: Cthulhus in Love

Tentacle vinyl from Etsy shop Walking Dead Promotions.
A lovely pink tentacle, splashing through a wall mounted porthole.
I cast these guys out of urethane, in molds I make my own self from my original sculpture. I polish ‘em up and color them with dyes, mica powder and stains. A hanger on the back slips over a screw in the wall to mount from Etsy shop Art Akimbo.

Toy Vaults My First Cthulu Plush on Amazon. Cthulhu just loves children and their innocent souls, and since his appearance can be off-putting to new worshipers, this soft and huggable ‘My First Cthulhu’ shows the Embodiment of Malevolence when he was just a star-spawn. My First Cthulhu is made from soft, baby-friendly fabrics and is safety-checked and is great for older worshipers too.
The malignant dreams of Cthulu in love fragrance from Fragrantica. The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love is an amorphous mixture of incense, sea weed, sea salt, sticky dark ocean plants and chocolate. Available 5 ml perfume oil. The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love was launched during the 2000′s.
Ctulhu necklace from Etsy shop Wirewrapped.eu. The bead is a green silver foil glass. The wire is enamelled copper. The other beads (eyes) are fire polished Czech glass.
Cthulhu vinyl for indoor and outdoor use from Etsy shop Lunar Screams.
It’s a perfect gift for a kraken inclined loved one, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Available at Etsy shop OctopusMe.
This ring is made from a REAL Octopus tentacle which has drilled, carved, sculpted and cast in Sterling Silver! It protects a rich intense gorgeous Fuschia bezel set Ruby which has been brightly finished for a luxurious look! Available at Etsy shop OctopusMe.
Need a stylish new travel mug that’s eco friendly and stands out from the crowd? This hand painted ceramic travel mug with lid is covered with long tentacled arms in black and white. Available at Etsy shop Sewzinski.
It’s the Love Monster! A sweet red heart is lovingly caressed by a sweet pink tentacle. Heart measures approx .5 in wide, bobby pin is approx 2 in wide from Etsy shop Rachel O’s.