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One item I always see on a gift registry is a mixer. So why get a plain, ordinary white or black KitchenAid mixer when you can gift the happy couple something truly unique for their big day.

Nicole Dinardo of Un Amore can turn your ordinary KitchenAid mixer into a unique work of art. The custom, hand painted, one of a kind KitchenAid Mixers are redefining custom couture and redecorating kitchens everywhere. Nicole says she, “enjoys the challenging KitchenAid curves, using her natural abilities and vision to bring clients ideas to life. Every custom painted KitchenAid mixer has an artistic pulse all it’s own.”

Hunger Games fans Carmen,of Carmen Santorelli Photography, and Stacie, of Stacie Shea Events brought to life their vision of a Hunger Games Wedding. Recreating the immensely popular book trilogy and movie by commissioning a Hunger Games themed styled wedding shoot.

You’ll find many elements of the books in this shoot from Katniss’ bow and arrows and iconic braid to Peeta’s baked breads and pies. Going with a yellow palette Lori of AvaFlora designed all the beautiful florals for the shoot. Jessica Haley Ink  created the menu, invitations, and all the fabulous paper items. All of the vintage goodies used throughout the shoot have been provided by Stacie’s Vintage Rental Company.

Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes based in Connecticut created all the cake and cupcakes. Pickles and Pies  created the little pies for the shoot.

A guest post from Claudine of Moments Captured, a photography duo with a passion for shooting weddings! As a proud geek girl, Claudine loves her lenses – but could she do without them?

As the geek chic wedding photographer, I love a new piece of equipment and am always on the hunt for something new or interesting to enhance my already growing collection of lenses, filters and so on. I think it’s vital for photographers to have a keen interest in developments within their industry – and that includes technology as much as it does innovative new ways of shooting. After all, what kind of photographer would I be if cameras didn’t excite me? Not a very passionate one, I imagine. And probably not a very experienced one either – the reason new technology is such an interest is because I understand, as a seasoned photographer, what I can do with these advancements.

But truthfully, when it comes to results in your wedding photos, does equipment really matter? Well, in the big scheme of things, no. Yes, it’s lovely to have the best possible tools, it certainly makes life easier, but the best camera in the world won’t give you an “eye” for photography.

Furniture stacked to the ceiling, worn books, golden treasures and wooden crates, you would think you had just walked onto the set for the warehouse scene from Indiana Jones’ Raiders of the Lost Ark. Instead, you’d find yourself in the Found Vintage Rentals Warehouse. Josh from Casa de Perrin had a vision of an Indiana Jones photo shoot collaborating with Photography Studio EMP, Honey & Poppies for the florals and Pitbulls & Posies for the paper details. I love the little details like the play off the quotes from the movie in the invitaions: “Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?” and “‘X’ never, ever, marks the spot.”

Whether you’ve already seen the movie or are planning on seeing it again, what better way to share your Hunger Games excitement than with some fabulous nail art? Here is a round-up of some of the best Hunger Games inspired nail art out there!

Elizabeth Banks revealed some of Effie’s looks on her website, including these beautiful blue nails with caviar nail beads.

These chocolate confections made by André Murrai of Brazil would make the perfect wedding favor for any geeky wedding. Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and  Millenium Falcon bombons, candy coated milk chocolate or white chocolate filled with three different options: Traditional Brigadier, Brigadier White Caipirinha or Brigadier Blue Curacao (orange liqueur). A Han Solo in carbonite filled with Piña Colada (Rum, Pineapple and Coconut).

My interview with Gaming Angels, the premier online community where women go for all things geek!…

This month’s Geek Woman feature is Cassandra from When Geeks Wed. When Geeks Wed is a great site for female geeks particularly for those wanting to plan a geeky wedding. The site has great geeky party themes as well, there is definitely something for everyone. When Geeks Wed is joining the She’s Geeky Inc network of sites and I want to introduce everyone to Cassandra!

GamingAngel: Tell us a little about yourself – would you consider yourself a gamer? What are some of your favorite geeky things? What are you playing lately?