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Beautifully incorporate an industrial, Steampunk or eco-friendly look into any wedding reception with these light bulb vases. Essentially, all you need to recreate these little vases is to cut the very top of the lightbulb off with pliers, pull out the guts of the light bulb, set it on a napkin ring or hang them and fill with water. You can buy new bulbs or save old one’s that have burned out which costs you nothing to recreate this project.

The force is strong with this Clone Wars Captain Rex cake made by Kimberly Dawn Cakes located in Ottawa, Canada. CT-7567, nicknamed “Rex,” was a clone trooper captain during the Clone Wars and served under  Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. He is often seen accompanying Anakin’s Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who is also depicted on the cake.

The creative people at Animated Cupcakes made this cute proposal cupcake box for a would be groom. The cupcake box was made by altering a decorative wooden suitcase, adding accents of colors and framing photos that represented the couple. In order to hold the cupcakes in place, cupcake wrappers were permanently attached to the bottom of the case. “I kept the decoration of the cupcakes simple as to not take away from the over all message. I really loved working on this project, ” says owner Ana. 

It’s not unusual today to see an officiate read from an iPad or the bride and groom to read their vows from one. If your thinking about turning to technology on your big day, that’s great! Just don’t drop it!

Bridesmaid Renee Armstrong was 1,500 miles away at the time, but she still got dressed up and appeared in her best friend’s wedding party–via an iPad and FaceTime. A groomsman carried Armstrong’s virtual presence down the aisle and she had a front row seat to the vows. A slightly tipsy groomsman dropped the iPad during the wedding rehearsal almost causing a wedding disaster. Luckily, the next morning, a bridesmaid ran to Apple and they took care of it. The FaceTime call got dropped twice, but the groomsman was able to dial Armstrong right back into the ceremony.

Making your own beautiful boutonnieres and opting out of using fresh flowers is a simple and fun way to save a lot of money on your wedding. These boutonnieres from etsy shop I Do Novelty are a great example of what you can do when you ditch the traditional flowers. Colorful and unexpected they range in themes from Steampunk and Goth to Doctor Who and Rockabilly. Shop owner Kim Brown-Dye talks about how she got into boutonnieres,  ”as a theatrical milliner I worked on a lot of theme weddings. Hats for Victorian, Pirate, Day of the Dead, Goth & Steampunk themed weddings were my bread & butter. I always enjoyed working with these alternative brides & grooms, so it was only natural that I create a new business with them in mind.”

Get nostalgic over these custom 8 bit NES cartridge wedding invites by 72 pins. They are meant to be modern art with a nostalgic twist, and not actual remade games although the cart’s original game is intact. The game inside is whatever original NES title the donor cart had in it so you could be playing Super Mario Bros with your invite, that is if you still have a NES system.

A book lovers dream wedding reception inspired by Shakespeare. This romantic styled shoot was conceptualized  by LVL Wedding & Events, Found Rentals, Inviting Occasion, and Hitching Post PR.

“Create a place for guests to feel comfortable, like an inviting living room. Conversations will grow beneath these gold chandeliers and around the refurbished red velvet wingback chairs, gold armchairs with grain sack upholstery and rolled arm couches. Vintage books, glass candles embraced in novel pages, antique picture frames, worn-in leather luggage, and oversized pillar candles dotted with champagne cork flowers and strung wine corks adorn the mantel while a cascade of book pages and roses flow out of the fireplace.”

Long banquet tables give that dramatic effect and a sense of royalty to any wedding decor. They create a more intimate ambiance for face to face conversation, as long as your centerpieces stay below chin level. Creating length instead of height this shoot’s centerpiece stretches across the table and down to the floor; created using a Remington typewriter, deconstructed books and pages, feathers, glass orbs and a variety of Roses, Hanging Amaranthus, Poppy and Scabiosa pods, Magnolia leaves, Dinner Plate and Pom Pom Dahlias, and berries.