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Doctor Who Hair Fascinator

Etsy shop LittleAsianSweatshop caters to those who love unique, geeky and offbeat accessories.  Creating handmade papercraft hairflowers using cards and paper, many that are inspired by some of our favorite geeky themes; Portal, Doctor Who, comicbooks.

“Why “LittleAsianSweatshop”, you ask? Once upon a time (when I was younger and nuttier), I was a cosplayer…heh. My best friend is an artist and she would come up with the most ridiculous (but amazing) costume designs for us. I quickly learned how to make my own patterns to turn her designs into reality. As I was the only one in our little group who knew how to sew, I would usually be making costumes for everyone in the weeks leading up the conventions…sometimes, basting hems and finishing up trims even as we’re pulling up to the convention center! Everyone used to joke that I was a “little Asian sweatshop”.