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This Batman Tumbler and Batpod cake was made by Mark of Piece of Cake located in Oswego, IL for Paige and Nathan’s wedding rehearsal dinner. The wall is the only thing non-edible, the crates are cake,  the Tumbler is all cake except the wheels that are made of Rice Krispie Treats. The Batpod frame is fondant and gumpaste and the wheels were also made out of Rice Krispie Treats.

Sharing his Street Fighter inspired wedding invitations with the community over at Racketboy, this creative Groom came up with a pretty amazing Sega Genesis invite.

“After lots of hard work our awesome wedding invitations are finished! We spent a lot of time on these and ended up revising the original idea a bit, making it a little simpler, but just as sweet. We have seen a lot of video game related invites, but I am confident that ours are one of a kind, never been done before. The goal was to make it as close to an actual CIB Genesis game as possible, and we did a pretty good job IMO.”

Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man cake pops made by Sweet Lauren Cakes in San Francisco, California are a trendy and geeky crime fighting bite-sized treat. Made with your choice of cake mixed with icing and covered in a hard chocolate shell they make the perfect dessert bar wedding treat.

An afternoon garden themed wedding with a nerdy spin. “It was fairly easy to work in our love for Nintendo games with the mushrooms because of our garden theme,” says bride Telitha. Who kept it relatively traditional with a just few touches of ” nerdy whimsy”.

A Harry Potter cake featuring Hedwig’s cage by Rosebud Cakes located in Beverly Hills, CA. Everything is edible including the glasses, wand and polyjuice potion. Take a look at more of their incredibly detailed designs on their Flickr page.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding dress to match your tattoos or simply want something nontraditional this tattoo inspired wedding dress is perfect for you. Wedding dress designer Jo of The Couture Company based in Birmingham, UK specializes in designing and creating custom bridal gowns for the unique bride.

Scott Everhart and Jason Welkerare are  just two geeks in love wanting to celebrate their love for each other in a comic book shop. After meeting online the couple had one of their first dates at the 2011 Free Comic Book Day, an annual event to promote the comic book industry.

Star Wars Fangirl Teresa Delgado blogs about her nerdiness at Fangirl Next Door but it’s her upcoming wedding to the fanboy of her dreams that has this fangirl going crazy! Their story begins at Walt Disney World in Florida  where the two actually met well on separate vacations. ”I went for Star Wars Weekends and we actually spent our first time together watching one of the Star Wars special shows,” Teresa says, “from there things progressed and a few months later we went to Disney for the weekend and he asked me to marry him.”

Their engagement photos taken at Walt Disney World by the talented Randy Chapman of Chapman Photography show off the couple’s love of Star Wars. “Some of my favorite pictures are the ones we took with our Star Wars shirts on my star wars tattoos peeking out and my Disney Duffy bear dressed in a Jedi Costume.”