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Visionary Photography Hub: More Than Just Photos

Always expect the unexpected from Philippine based Visionary Photography Hub led by principal photographer Jervy Santiago. Their tagline, “we are anything but ordinary, we are Visionary, your vision realized”, echos throughout their innovative approach to traditional wedding photography.

 ”Our ideas are varied from genre-based themes for the more adventurous or timeless concepts for the ones with discriminating taste. Moreover, by taking timeless Cinematic photographs, we make sure that we bring out the best in our clients. Whatever their story reflects – Comedy, Drama, Period, Theatrical, Avant-Garde and even Cartoons, we try our best push the envelope further by providing them a customized story, styling & set design to create a cohesive mix of ideas.” 

Having already featured their amazing Left 4 Dead and Full Metal Panic engagement shoots on this blog. Visionary Photography Hub continues to push their creativity with experienced individuals from the industries of Photography, Graphic & Set Design, and Fashion, amazing their clients with their ideas and visually stunning  concepts. Principal Photographer Jervy Santiago talks more about Visionary Photography Hub, how he got into photography and gives some advice for couples looking for wedding photographers.

Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub

1.      Tell us a bit about yourself?

Instead of me boring you out about myself let me talk about Our Team….  All of us in the team are generally spontaneous and out of the box thinkers.  As artists, we are inclined to approach things in a more interesting way.  More so, we are a bunch of fun-loving individuals. We joke around most of the time so much so that a lot of our clients believe we moonlight as stand-up comics on our free time! On a serious note, we are a powerhouse team of creative individuals from the industries of Business, Photography, Graphic Design, Production Design & Fashion.

Principal Photographer Jervy Santiago is a known name in Philippine Wedding Photography where the flexibility of his work has created a following of its own. 
Chief Graphic Artist Cloud Quinot is a budding artist in the field of Concept Art and Environment Design. His works have reached the international market through an upcoming fantasy card game project.
Production Designer Krista Nogueras comes from a family of artists well-known for their craft. She is also busy with various projects for one of the country’s top network stations.
Creative Director Mike Lavarez used to be Head Designer for one of the country’s top retail brands. He is now a recognized participant at the Philippine Fashion Week.
Managing Director Mike Pelayo is the hand behind the magic. He makes sure that every project is financially feasible and sees to it that published work is kept under the aesthetics of the company.

We make-up the “Vision” in Visionary.

Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub

2. What makes you a geek?

Our attention to details is extremely over the top most of the time. Every layout, pose, accessories, colors, lines, props etc.. must complement the overall look of every particular shot.  You would be surprise to see how much time we spend in approving every layout.

Chief Graphic Artist Cloud likes to have his alone time looking up various CG techniques on Concept Art & Environment Design. He can come up with a geeky concept, and then the rest of the team takes it from there.

3. How did you get into photography?

I got into Photography only by accident. Back when I was still a marketing manager my Taiwanese boss started giving me tips on Photography. I started to become an enthusiast and finally got the hang of it. From then on my passion for the Arts grew.

My career as a successful photographer took off in 2004 when I started to do back-to-back projects for advertorial & wedding gigs. However, I shied away during 2006 because wedding photography was becoming routinary. Not so long after, Visionary was formed & I got to work with equally creative heads. We feed off from each other’s passion which started my interest for wedding photography again.

Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub

4. Do you do the visual effects for your cinematic photo shoots?

Only if it is required. Normally the visual effects are needed for our Cinematic E-pictorials where the story is inspired by a movie (usually fantasy). This is our highlight package because every layout is guided by a storyboard created specifically for a particular client. The good thing about our approach to photography is that we are flexible to do both the classic & the contemporary. We do not like doing anything half-baked and so when we say we need the help of Photoshop for a specific concept, we make sure to deliver with the highest quality possible. We also like to push the envelope by keeping things more than satisfactory. When a couple requests something inspired by Alice in the Wonderland, we bring them to Wonderland itself!

Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub

5. What is your favorite cinematic photo shoot that you’ve done? 

Hands down it has to be our Archie-inspired E-pictorial! Having my childhood inspiration as one of the pegs, I was more than enthusiastic to push through with the idea. (plus, I used to have a big geeky-crush on Betty!) It is also one of our most difficult shoots, because we really had to render each character in their respective angles in accordance to the scene (perspective 101!). We truly believe that it was a fresh idea. The album looked fun, unique and endearing all at the same time. The couple was in complete awe when they saw their album.

A close second would be our “Left for Dead” shoot; it is the album which has garnered the most attention – both local & international!

Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub

6. Any advice for couples looking for non-traditional wedding photography?

Follow your hearts!  It is best that you communicate your ideas with your photography team. At the same time be open to suggestions because in doing non-traditional photography you will be dealing with “highly” artistic individuals. Never settle for something complacent and safe.  If you want something non-traditional, you must be able to meet every inch of inspiration so as not to put the idea to waste. Lastly, make sure you are comfortable with the agreement because at the end of the day, you are the STAR, and we are just here to create your fantasy world for you.

Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub Photo Credit: Visionary Photography Hub