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DIY Skyrim Quest Wedding Program

Catie Osborn took the miscellaneous quest screen from the video game Skyrim and turned it into a unique and easy to do wedding program. Catie is a trained Shakespearean actress who spends her time writing, crafting and working for a non-profit theatre company in the midwest. When she’s not meticulousness dying her hair blue to match the Doctor’s Police Box; she’s spending her time designing wedding invitations and working as a wedding coordinator for friends and foes a like. There’s a knee joke in here somewhere.


1. Download the blank template.  One thing to note: I used the “Miscellaneous” quests screen for this template. On other challenges, there is a short explanation of the quest and then a list of objectives—if you prefer THAT format, it can be downloaded here.

2. Now you need the font used in the game, or the closest equivalent. To get this, download Futura Medium Condensed BT Font. (If you are not sure how to download a font  follow these steps. Otherwise, skip to #3).

2A: To install your font, click the “download file” button on the website and wait for your file to install.

2B: Open your fonts file on your computer. By accessing Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Fonts

2C: Open your downloads file (On Google Chrome, you can access it by clicking the wrench at the top right of your browser window and selecting “Downloads”).

2D: Drag your downloaded font into your Fonts Folder. Wait for it to install. Boom! New font!

3. If you only have MS Paint installed on your computer you will need to download something like Pixlr (basically a simplified online (free) photo editing softare that does everything you need for most jobs with the bonus of being free).

3A: Head over to Pixlr and click on “Pixlr editor” at the top.

3B: When you click on it, you’ll have the choice to open files from a number of different locations. Select “Open image from computer” and find your blank template. Once it’s loaded, you’re ready to go.

4. Now the fun part begins. First off, name your quest. Add text to the picture by selecting the “add text” icon and dragging the text box to where you want it (you can adjust it later on if it’s not quite right). When you add text, the text box will appear. Make sure you select the Futura font you downloaded earlier so it matches the rest of the text. You can change color, size and style by selecting the option in the box.

Add your “Quest Name” to the top of the screen as well as in the scroll bar so it looks legit.

Add whatever text you’d like. Wedding party members, a description of the day etc. When you’ve got it looking how you’d like, save your edited picture as a new photo.

So there you go! From there, you can print it, add it to programs, send via email…whatever you want to do!