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Marryokes: Wedding Videography With A Twist

Remixing home videos with music is a popular trend that has made its way into the wedding industry turning ‘traditional’ wedding videography into a unique and fun new direction.

Marryokes (a play on “marriage” and “karaoke”) is a wedding videography company with a twist. Increasing in popularity, Marryokes’  Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” video capturing Paul and Clodagh’s Ireland wedding went viral with almost 1 million hits on YouTube. While they do film traditional full day videos, their passion is marryokes – music videos filmed throughout the wedding day. Couples can pick any song they desire and Marryokes will capture the whole story from the major parts to the tiny details that may pass you by on the big day. Based near Belfast, Northern Ireland the Husband and Wife team behind Marryokes travels all over the world to bring their style of wedding videography to you.

Even with the lip-syncing and dancing the meaning and seriousness behind your wedding won’t be lost just from having a little fun on your big day. If you look through their highlights video you’ll see that the team tries to be as unobtrusive as possible and brides and grooms don’t spend all day singing. At the most, guests spend only a few minutes  in front of the camera, but some end up having so much fun they stick around longer.


Tell us a bit about yourself? Do you consider yourself a geek?
We’re a husband (Billy) and wife (Katie) team – we’ve been married for almost 7 years. Billy is from Charlotte NC and Katie is from Northern Ireland (UK) where we now live (although we do travel all over the world with Marryokes). We (Billy/xdeathcarrotx and Katie/bonniepirate) are both gamers and self proclaimed geeks. Although an addition to the Marryokes family (about a year ago, in the form of our gorgeous son Toby) has reduced the hours spent we spend on the Xbox, we still enjoy pwning n00bs in Halo orGears of War on occasion! We love gadgets and it’s fair to say we’re total Apple Fanboys/girls.

How did you get into wedding videography and where did the idea of Marryokes come from? Marryokes was born when we decided to film a ‘wedding music video‘, in secret, at our friend’s wedding. The reaction was overwhelming with the video gaining 60,000 views in a matter of days. The demand was there and so, after a bit of time passed, we decided to pursue it together.

How big of a production is a Marryokes video on your wedding day? 
While we obviously need participation from the bride and groom and their guests we really work hard not to take up too much time or be an overwhelming presence throughout the day. Quite often filming a marryoke does work as a form of entertainment – to quote one bride “You made marryoke SO much fun and our guests have been raving about you ever since (here was us thinking that they might have been moved by our wedding vows or thought that we made a beautiful couple but nope….all they talk about is how cool the marryoke guys were!)” If you look through the examples of our highlights video, you can see that our brides and grooms don’t spend all day long singing!


How far in advance do I need to book Marryokes video?
While we are currently taking bookings for up to three years in advance (so currently 2012-2014), we do take last minute bookings if we can make it happen, though early booking is advised and it makes us really sad when we have to turn people away!

Any advice for couples looking for non-traditional wedding videography?
Think about how you want to remember your day. Our particular style lets you look back and see just how much fun you and your guests had. If you’re going the marryoke route we really advise you think long and hard about the song you will choose – are you still going to love it in 5 years time.. 10 years time? Don’t just default to the big hit of the day (although of course it may well be the perfect song for you!)

Need some help finding the perfect geeky tune for your wedding? Try remixing one of these songs: Marshall Gray “Critical Hit On My Heart” , Thomas Dolby “She Blinded Me With Science”Your Favorite Martian “Zombie Love Song”Moby “We Are All Made Of Stars”Alan Wake “The Poet And The Muse”2ge+her “U + Me = US (Calculas)” or Ink Spots from Fallout “I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire”. To get you inspired, here are some more fun and entertaining wedding videos from Marryokes. Enjoy!


Visit Marryokes website for more information or email them at hello@marryokes.com so that they can make your special day even better. Be sure to also look them up on Twitter, FacebookVimeoYoutube and Pinterest!