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When I first came across Gobo Studio I immediately fell in love with photographer Hien Nguyen’s photos and his Tim Burton inspired Corpse Bride photo shoot. With a background in 3d film/animation Hien shoots everything from everyday portraits to zombie themed engagement shoots.

Photo Credit: Gobo Studio

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My real name is Hien Nguyen. I was born and raised in Vietnam and moved to Florida when I was about 15. After a couple years of college, I dropped out to apprentice to become a chef and freelance web developer at night; but soon I got bored and went back to school for 3d film/animation. However, this industry was tougher than I thought so I got back to what I do best, being a chef and photographer at night. Lol.


How did you get into photography?
I don’t really remember when I actually got into photography since the work I do has always revolved around it. However, I think my brother in law’s passion for photography got me seriously into it.


I saw some Megacon 2012 photos and an awesome Mad Moxxi and Dr Ned Borderlands cosplay shoot  on your site, do you shoot a lot of cosplay photo shoots?

I love when people get into character, and cosplayer best at that, so yes I love to shoot cosplay.
Mad Moxxi is played by Ashley Bunz Hustead Neonbunbun” and DR Zed by her husband John Hustead. The shoot was a little rush since it was in the morning of Megacon.  A Likely Studio was our partner for this shoot. Check out their set on Flickr.


What is your favorite photo shoot that you’ve shot?

It is hard to answer. It seems that all my shoots are my favorites at some point. I thought my last shoot is my favorite, but then the next shoot become my new favorite and so on. Every shoot I experience something new, and usually becomes an instant fav.


I’m in love with your Tim Burton inspired Corpse Bride shoot can you tell us a little about it? I am a fan of Tim Burton, and love his works. This is a recreation of Tim Burton Corpse Bride photo shoot. Make up, style and wardrobe were done by MariGold Scott. 90% of this shoot was in studio, however, we did a short outdoor shoot afterward. Here are the credits to who involved in this fun project.

Models: Ashley Wilson, Marina Nattinger, Brandon Brown, and Michael Richartz/MUA: Marigold scott/Style: Marigold Scott/Wardrobe: Marigold Scott/Photographer: Daniel Ng @ Gobo-studio/2nd Photographer: Likely Story/3nd Photographer:Beth Butler-Hull

Photo Credit: Gobo Studio

Zombies walk the Earth in this post apocalypse engagement shoot for couple Mark and Tairi. The shoot was coordinated by Marina Nattinger through Capture Orlando with makeup by Christina Ayers also check out her Within My Vanity (Christina’s Makeup Page).

Photo Credit: Gobo Studio Photo Credit: Gobo Studio