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DIY: Kaylee’s Painted Parasol

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the cult sci-fi drama Firefly first premiered on September 20th, 2002, and to this day remains one of my favorite television shows. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, I wanted to post an easy tutorial for recreating Kaylee’s colorful parasol for your wedding. A great accessory for an outdoor wedding to shade the bride or bridal party; you can also make mini versions to put in your reception’s floral centerpieces.


Step 1: Use a dull pencil to free hand an outline of your image onto the top of the parasol. If free handing isn’t your thing, you can cut out construction paper into the design and tape it underneath the parasol. Use the outline of the paper coming through on the top of the parasol as your paint guide.
Step 2: Start painting the 3 spirals one at a time (one red, one yellow and one green). I found it best to paint the green section first and make my way out to the red section (remember to let the paint dry before you move onto the next section).
Step 3: Let dry and remove the construction paper if you used any and your done!