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She Proposed To Him, Scott Pilgrim Style

Well he didn’t have to fight all her exes she did send him on a Scott Pilgrim-themed scavenger hunt around the city of Toronto with a very special surprise at the end.

Redditor proposing_gf shared her photos from her inventive and untraditional proposal. She says on Reddit,”we had talked about it before casually. I asked him if he would be upset if I ever asked him and he said no that he thought that was an awesome. I then had to lead him off my trail but telling him that it was never going to happen and that I liked tradition.”All Dylan knew was that the two were on a trip to Toronto together. Once they arrived she handed him several different envelopes, each marked with a X that corresponded with the order they were in. On the back of the envelope was an address. Dylan had to find each location using his phone and lead both of them there either by public transit or walking. Once they arrived at the location he would open the envelope to find a page from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim comics. After the two reached the famous Casa Loma (the location where Ramona Flowers’ ex-boyfriend Lucas Lee was filming a movie in Book Two), Dylan opened the final envelope and earned himself a fiancee (he said yes)!

Not only did she propose to him, but she even went as far as to ask his mom for permission, “I thought it would be a nice spin on tradition (the guys asking the girls father). It was hilarious though. We spent time in the kitchen laughing and her telling me that if I took him I couldn’t bring him back. No return policy.”

via The MarySue via io9 via Reddit