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Custom Paint Your Wedding Shoes

These custom painted wedding heels from Etsy shop Bbee Shoes are pretty amazing. Each one is hand-painted by seventeen year old Alexandra Trim who has been painting shoes since she was thirteen years old! “[the bride] wanted me to paint her mint green wedding shoes with a Mario and Peach wedding theme. I painted two piranha plants on the heels, and fireflowers around the bottoms of the shoes. The sides feature Mario and Peach in front of a castle, as well as Luigi and Wario dressed in tuxedos on the other shoe.”

The second pair of heels have a Zelda Twilight Princess wedding theme with the couple’s wedding colors (blue, mint green, and lavender) incorporated into the design. “I painted Princess Zelda on the left shoe and Link on the right shoe. On the side of the right shoe I painted Link in a different pose, and on the side of the left shoe I painted Midna sitting on Link in his wolf form. I painted the heels of the shoes so that they looked like cutouts of the painting, in the formation of part of the Tri Force logo.” You can check out Alexandra’s gallery with more of her great work on her website bbeeshoes.webs.com. $200.