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Twinkle Balls’ Handmade Cake Toppers

Sugarcraft Artist Jennifer Woracker uses her artistic talent to create unique wedding cake toppers for couples wanting to add something personalized to their special day. Based in South Ockendon, Thurrock, United Kingdom, Jennifer balances being a full time mother to her two little boys and a part time Sugarcraft Artist running her business Twinkle Balls. Catering to any theme or style, Jennifer makes anything from robots to zombies and also makes single sex couples for civil partnerships weddings.

What makes you a geek?
My love of Science Fiction, Zombies & paranormal thrillers probably make me a bit of geek, my son’s middle name is Tiberius after James T Kirk, but that’s more of a Shatner thing than me being a full on Trekkie!

How did you get into sculpting and making cake toppers?
I have been sculpting with sugarpaste & marzipan since childhood. It is a tradition in my family that all the children make the decorations for the Christmas cake each year, over the years these decorations have gone from sweet & loveable to rude, crude and sometimes a little disturbing.
I started Twinkle Balls after making my own wedding cake toppers, all my family & friends loved them & gave me such fantastic encouragement that I plucked up the courage to start my own business. Being a full time mum of a toddler and a baby, having a business I can run from home works really well for me. I love facing new creative challenges and the messages of thanks I receive from my customers gives me such a wonderful sense of achievement & pride.

All your cake toppers are 100 % edible?

No, they are all sculpted from edible ingredients but some have added features, such as a bride’s veil made from fabric mesh, that are not edible. Nearly all of my customers prefer to keep their toppers as little mementos of their special day!

What is your favorite topper/s you’ve made?
I do find it hard to choose between them because I really love them all but the most fun to make were definitely the Zombies, It was nice not to have to make them look perfect & pretty and I enjoyed making the gross injuries, detached body parts & entrails.

What topper/s do you most want to make that you haven’t had the chance to yet?
There are so many and just not enough hours in the day. I would like to do Superheroes and classic fairytales, I’m busy working on Christmas at the moment but I will be focusing on lots of new exciting projects in the New Year.

Any advice for couples looking for cake toppers for their wedding?
My advice would be to make sure you order your personalized toppers well in advance, so many people don’t realize the time involved in create these pieces, I spend literally days hand crafting each topper to the clients personal specifications so my order book has limited spaces. You can secure your order with Twinkle Balls with just a 30% deposit, to avoid disappointment it is best to place your order early.

For more information and to view additional cake toppers head over to Twinkle Balls.