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Alternative Wedding Dresses From KMK Designs

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Etsy shop KMKDesigns is the collaboration between a mother, daughter team who work out of their Studio in Stillwater, MN. Their talents came together a few years ago when both found costuming as an outlet for their creativity. Sheridyn has sewn her whole life starting with doll clothes when she was younger, and worked up to making her own prom dresses growing up. Her daughter Kaitlyn, has a degree in fashion and as a child would draw her own clothes for her mother to create for her. The talented duo specializes in designing alternative wedding dresses and alternative clothing inspired by Steampunk, Neo-victorian, Lolita and Gothic styles.

“Both of us discovered that through making clothes we could potentially create a tool for men and women of all shapes, sizes and types to feel more confident and beautiful. The true nature of fashion is to make the person wearing it feel stunning. To feel like they are grabbing the attention of everyone in the room positively.”


One of their latest designs is this red, sateen wedding dress inspired by the books and movie The Hunger Games.

“When we saw the hunger game movie we of course fell in love with the capitol fashion being designers and loving outrageous fashion. Yet being there is a whole different side to the hunger games, we thought it would be fun and an interesting challenge to mix the “girl on fire” in her over the top dresses into the wilderness where she provided for her family and fought for her life. “

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