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Rose-Anne + Adam’s Dias de los Muertos Engagement Shoot

The Day of the Dead or “El Dia de los Muertos” is a celebration that embraces death by honoring loved ones who have passed. Painted faces that resemble skulls is one of the festivities’ most common symbols, and a popular theme for tattoo art that combines beauty while embracing the inevitable end.

Not your ordinary couple, self-professed geeks Rose-Anne and Adam wanted something “kick-ass” for their engagement shoot; with a few “family pleasers” as Rose-Anne likes to call them. dia los muertos

 ”After some brainstorming together, we decided that our mutual love of tattoo culture and costuming reigned supreme and we absolutely needed to do a “Dias de los Muertos” themed engagement session. We love Nikko Hurtado (internationally renowned tattoo artist) and Sylvia Ji (internationally renowned mexican visual artist) and wanted to pay tribute to their sugar skull themed work. So we broke up our engagement session into two parts. This wasn’t an issue since we are both the couple and the photographers for the session.  

Our “family pleaser” engagement session was held on top of the roof of our favorite pub. I felt like an urban Indiana Jones climbing to the roof. It was definitely interesting with all the camera gear we had to haul but it was a blast.”
For the couple who celebrates Halloween like it was Christmas, it was only fitting that they shot their photos in their local graveyard. “We even found a tombstone with my first name on it!!!! That’s not easy because Rose-Anne is not a popular name around our neck of the woods.” Photographers themselves, Rose-Anne and Adam are the owners of  Black Apple Studios which is based in the largest impact crater on Earth (also known as Sudbury, Ontario). Not only did this talented couple shoot all their own photos for this shoot, they also did all their own makeup and styling.
“Although being the model and the photographer was a little crazy and hectic even with a tripod and wireless shutter release, it was an amazing experience to share with my fiancé and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Being the only two there really made it more of a “date” for us and we had so much fun getting ready and taking the photographs.”
dia los muertos
“He is my soulmate in so many ways,” says Rose-Anne, who first met Adam when she was a young girl and had a huge crush on him rom the start.
“How could I not? He was a really good skateboarder with stunning ice blue eyes and a bad boy image. It was love at first sight for me… Because of his “I’m too cool” attitude, I never knew he liked me as well. Years went by, I grew up and we both stopped going to the skatepark. Over 10 years fly by and Facebook reunited us as “Facebook Friends.” I creeped… on his photos and later I found out that he did the same on his end. I went through a huge breakup in 2009 and shortly after I got a message in my inbox from Adam asking me if I wanted to go out for a few drinks as friends to talk about it. I was still pretty shaken up, but decided to go for it anyway. I was shocked at how much of a gentleman he was! A few dates and a few months later, he asked me to be his girl. :) Now here we are, engaged and totally in love!”
These are the “family friendly” photos shot by Rose-Anne and Adam (minus the graveyard and painted skull faces).
Photographers and make-up artists: Rose-Anne Cardinal and Adam Kehoe from Black Apple Studios.