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Geeks and Pinterest

I was recently asked to contribute my thoughts on an article for Big Shiny Robot on “Geeks and Pinterest” written by Scarlett RoBotica. If your unfamiliar with the site BSR is a nerd news and reviews site and is apparently the SKYNET of our day run entirely by robots, or so they say.

“…But what about those of the geeky persuasion? Don’t scoff just yet. In between the “Gardening” and “Hair and Beauty” categories is simply “Geek.” What’s great about Pinterest is that the most popular pins change constantly, depending on the day. You will find a ton of Dr. Who memes one day, or a shrine to the best Star Wars jokes or random images from popular culture, such as Disney characters.

In fact, Cassandra’s vision brings together the interest of the geek with the interest of Pinterest users. Her blog is “When Geeks Wed.” Pinterest perfect right?…”

Read the rest of Scarlett’s article here.