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Love and Star Wars: Custom R2D2 Engagement Ring

When two geeks fall in love no ordinary ring will do especially for artist Joe who found his true love working at a tattoo shop. Joe and Emily met a few years ago where they both worked at a tattoo shop and bonded over their geekines and eventually fell in love. When Joe decided to pop the question to Emily he turned to CustomMade which he found through a friend who is a woodworker on the site, he then posted a project.

“I was recommended to this site by one of my closest friends and CustomMade builder Endless Design. This is my first project with CustomMade and I have to admit, I am really excited to get the ball rolling. I am looking for an enthusiastic professional to make my R2D2 themed engagement ring a reality… I am hoping to find a maker who can match my fanatical Star Wars enthusiasm.”

Joe felt the force was strong with designer Paul Michael Bierker and together they came up with this R2-D2 custom designed sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Once complete and in hand Joe dressed as Charlie Brown explains how he proposed to Emily dressed as Lucy:

“Every year on Halloween [the people at the shop] get all geeked out in costume and work. This year, I had gotten the ring the day before… It wasn’t my original plan, but seemed to all fall into place. Emily dressed up as Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts and asked me to couple up and go as Charlie Brown. So, as we all gathered for a photo in front of the shop I started to ramble a bit and then popped the question. I wanted to share the moment with the parties responsible… I know it would have been better in Star Wars gear, but that might have compromised the bigger picture. Even though Charlie Brown proposing to Lucy is still kind of a fun thing too. Yes, we are also Peanuts geeks! I rock a Linus tattoo and also have the G.I. Joe sleeping bag from my childhood that I still use nightly. There are many levels of geek not only in this story but also in our lives.”

She said yes of course!

r2d2 ring

(via Think Geek via Custom made)