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Save-The-Dates: From A to Geek

Now that you have your date set, and more importantly the ring, it’s time to send out your save-the-date cards! This pre-invitation mailing, or emailing, officially announces your wedding date to friends and family. As the first impression of your wedding make them unique and personalized, but most of all get creative and have fun! They don’t have to be too formal, that’s what your invitations are for, so be whimsical or get your geek on.

Usually sent to your guests six to eight months before your wedding date to be (hopefully) marked on your guests calendars. It’s important to give your guests plenty of time to book travel and accommodations, find a dress or a suit, and ask for days off from work. Especially if you have a destination wedding planned don’t wait too long to send out your save-the-dates.


What goes into a save-the-date? Well, you don’t need to include as much information on your save-the-date cards as you do on the actual invitation. The most important details you need to include are your names, the date and the location (city and state will be sufficient if you don’t already have a venue picked out yet). It’s also a good idea to write “formal invitation to follow” or “details to follow” at the bottom to let guest know more information is to come.

The look of your save-the-date can be as simple as a card to a playable video game. Use your wedding day colors, incorporate in your wedding theme or find inspiration from your favorite video game. There are hundreds of design ideas, but here are a few save-the-dates examples for some creative inspiration:

SUBTLY GEEKY: Ben and Amy shared their save-the-date on Reddit choosing the popular photo card save-the-date. But what’s that lurking behind them? Could that be a dinosaur!?

VIDEO GAME INSPIRED: Flickr user jakemix created this save-the-date for clients Rich and Jen. “Rich and Jen asked for something nerdy! They’re huge video game fans, so I looked to the Mega Man final levels screen for inspiration. The building on the hill is the Lawrence Hall of Science, a truly awesome location for a wedding.”

FILM INSPIRED: Catering to your inner geek, Geekvites has a variety of geek inspired save-the-dates from this Back To The Future one to Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

8-BIT: This old school 8-bit Nintendo inspired save-the-date from Etsy shop DizzyDesignStudio.

BOARD GAME INSPIRED: A Monopoly inspired printable photo card save-the-date from Etsy shop PictureItPersonal.

3D/OPTICAL ILLUSION: Don’t lose these glasses you’ll need them to view these save-the-dates in all their 3D glory. Via Pinterest.

HAND-PAINTED: Custom Mad Men/Star Wars watercolor portrait and save-the-date by Etsy shop RabbitAndRed.

COMIC BOOK INSPIRED: A 60’s pop art comic book inspired save-the-date by Swiss Cottage Designs. “With inspiration in hand, all the illustrations were digitally created and rendered into the comic book layout. We stuck with a sleek neutral color scheme…and added a touch of red in each frame for a fun splash of color. To compliment the illustrations, we kept things classic with a black and white striped liner.”


COMIC BOOK INSPIRED: Another comic book idea from bat-family fans Rolando and Beth commissioned artist Dean Trippe to create their comic book inspired save-the-date.

TV INSPIRED: This awesome Doctor Who inspired save-the-date was illustrated by artist Christopher Schons check out his site for more amazing work.

BOOK INSPIRED: Inspired by vintage library cards this save-the-date from Etsy shop HermiasWishes is perfect for the book loving couple.

VIDEO: Ditch the postal nightmare for a video save-the-date like Katti and Hanson; who invested in post-its instead of stamps for their stop motion video. Videos are great for couples choosing to email their save-the-dates instead of mailing them out.

QR CODED: Add QR codes to your save-the-dates like this one from Etsy shop elbeecreativ.  If you have a website for your wedding  friends and family can scan the code and it will bring them to your website. If you do not have a website, the code can contain general information when scanned.

EPIC!:Uploaded to Cheezeburger by Jason Bowemriester this comic book inspired save-the-date is just full of epicness! Can you spot all the geeky references?