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Holly + Ross’ Space and Time Wedding

Here comes the bride all dressed in her…female Commander Shepard armor from Mass Effect? Maybe not today, but I’m sure she thought about it. As an experienced costumer, armorer and prop builder bride Holly Conrad is well known for her incredible cosplay as you can see from the many videos on her YouTube channel. However, for this geeky bride’s wedding day Holly choose to leave her N7 armor at home, opting for a cute and short silver dress inspired by the couple’s wedding theme which incorporated Holly’s love for Mass Effect and Ross’ love of Doctor Who.

“Everything was Space and Time themed (even the flowers!),” says Holly, “since I’m a special effects artist and cosplayer and HUGE Mass Effect fan, the cake was the Normandy. And Ross is a big Doctor Who fan, so he wore the official Magnolia Clothing 10th Doctor suit. We also have a Delorean and had it set up outside for awesome Delorean Photoshoot times.”

Their Back To The Future invitations were done by the talented team at Geekvites. “They were super awesome,” says Holly, “and have a ton of other amazing invitations! We also gave away tiny ray-guns and had a space-themed bounce house.” This interstellar couple also shared their retro wedding video shot with a Lomokino 35MM film camera. This analog camera works like an old Super8 and gives the video a real retro feel.
Holly’s work is showcased on her website and the YouTube channel for her company Crabcat Industries. She’s also featured in the documentary Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.