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DIY: Comic Book Heels Proposal

Comic Book Proposal

Using an old Star Trek comic she purchased for $2.50 in 1995 Sue of Anomalous Musings created these decoupaged heels using nothing more then Mod Podge, a paintbrush and scissors. Although not intended to be used for popping the question, but Sue’s addition of Picard’s proposal to Crusher gave me the idea that these would make for a very unique proposal idea.

Comic Book Proposal

Featuring the Enterprise and Captain Picard prominently on the toe and “Star” and “Trek” on the heels. Inside, Sue explains, “because this area is less likely to be seen unless someone is really inspecting your shoes, this is where I put the stuff that’s amusing to me. ¬†For example, in this comic book, Picard proposes to Crusher on the Holodeck, so you better believe that that speech bubble is on the inside of my left foot, and “created by Gene Roddenberry” is on the inside of my right.”Beam on over to Anomalous Musings to get Sue’s instructions to make your own pair for your significant other.


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