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“Whether you survived the zombie apocalypse or not, you better be there,” reads Shannon and Flo’s epic zombie inspired comic save-the-date.

Both come from different backgrounds Shannon a girly, girl who likes to kill zombies with neon pink pumps. Her other half Flo, a self-professed geek who put together their comic book love story panel by panel with their engagement photos shot by Cashman Brothers photography. Check out their logo on the bottom right- it’s the Green Lantern icon with a Hello Kitty silhouette, cute.

The idea for their engagement shoot was “to be something different from all Vegas engagement pictures,” says the couple. After deciding on the zombie theme, the pair picked Nelson’s Landing in Nevada as the perfect location for their zombie slaying romance. ” It had a ghost town, the hills have eyes kind of feel to it,” explains the couple, “well it is an old mining area.”

Artist Paul Pape creates amazing work from prop reproductions to cake toppers “custom created geekery” ,as he puts it, drawing inspiration from World of Warcraft to Mario Bros. To more recently Doctor Who in the form of ring boxes!

Remember that popular TARDIS ring box which made its rounds online? It was a great idea but only an after shot of a completed DIY and the how to was never posted. Everyone wanted to know how they to could make or just get their hands on one. Paul has created his own take on the Doctor Who ring box the first version (pictured above) and a second version which holds two rings and lights up! Paul created all the wiring and switches himself, and constructed it out of micro plywood and sheets of Pop-Out Woodies.

A platformer with five levels, evil robots, and a super secret unlockable level now that’s what I call a wedding save-the-date. Tech Director Barry Abrams spent months creating this platform adventurer for his upcoming nuptials and shared his labor of love on Reddit for everyone to play.

Wedding guests received printed save-the-date cards in the mail, as well as, a flyer featuring arcade machines that directed guests to the game entitled “Save the Date: Katie & Barry are getting married“. Playing as either Katie or Barry you learn a little about the couple, and their dog Olive, playing through four wedding themed levels ending in a boss fight to save your other half from an evil robot. There’s also a super secret level that you unlock by collecting all the hearts in a single level.

“The game is a NES-style platformer,” explains Barry, “kind of like Mario or Mega Man. You play as the miniature cake topper versions of my fiancé or myself (your pick) as you climb a huge wedding cake, make your way through presents, and a few other wedding inspired levels. The main villain of the game is an emotionless robot with a circular saw blade for an arm. The smaller bad guys are various hors d’oeuvres that we hate: Shrimp, Deviled Eggs and Broccoli. Our yellow lab, Olive, serves as a guide.”

The game is actually pretty fun and includes four wedding themed levels: ceremony, reception, cocktails & appetizers, cake cutting and an unlockable level.

Minnie Mouse Bride

For my Minnie Mouse inspired bride I wanted her to have a traditional white wedding dress and veil, and with the addition of the polka dots, gives her a more modern look. Then I introduced pops of red and yellow color in the nails, shoes and makeup for just a touch of Minnie inspiration.

It’s still one of the most famous on screen kisses in cinematic history. The moment when pampered Lady and streetwise Tramp share a moonlit plate of spaghetti, unknowingly share the same noodle to find their mouths meet for a surprise kiss.

It’s been 57 years since Disney first released the animated film Lady and The Tramp on the big screen. Photographer Kaelyn Elizabeth brings you back to that alley behind the Italian café with her romantic Lady And The Tramp styled engagement shoot. “Although it isn’t a real engagement session, I think it shows modern, current brides ways to incorporate their favorite films in to their engagement session in an effective and adorable way,” says Kaelyn. “I knew I just HAD to do the spaghetti scene (SO cute and SO lovely) but could a pair of human love birds do those cute dogs justice? Yes! Brett and Laura perfectly embody those two timeless characters for me. A gorgeous red head and a scruffy adorable man from perhaps the wrong side of the tracks.”

Photographer Candice Benjamin was “over the moon” with excitement when she received this nerdtastic floppy disk save-the-date from couple Jillian and Nathan. “My inner nerd was very happy and I think it compares to when I got the Squall Card in Final Fantasy 8. Dancing ensued,” says Candice. A self-proclaimed “big dork at heart” this talented photographer also loves zombie flicks and watches “sci fi like it’s going out of style and get immersed in tech-help shows”.

The geeky couple, whom Candice recently photographed for their engagement photos at Santa Monica Pier; work at a video game company and incorporated their obvious love for what they do into their save-the-date with 8-bit video game art, a QR code for the tech savvy and a binary code background card. Love it!


It’s an idea London photographer Kari Bellamy has had in her head for awhile, a beautiful Doctor Who themed engagement shoot shot on the streets of London. What was missing? The right clients who were also fans of the popular British science fiction series who would be just as excited as Kari to pull it off.

When Kari first met her client Olivia to discuss her upcoming wedding, she knew she had found her Whovian couple from the way bride-to-be Olivia was dressed. “When I met Olivia to discuss her wedding photography, she was wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt,” says Kari, “so instead of talking about weddings we geeked out on Doctor Who for a good 30 minutes. I immediately had the idea for a Doctor Who Engagement Session and I’m so excited that I get clients who want to try such things.”

I searched the web for some of the best Hobbit and Lord of The Rings inspired nail art to get you, and your fingers, ready for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Starting with the always impressive work of Kayleigh OC with her Hobbit-hole inspired nails. “I’ve never tried anything on this scale before,” says Kayleigh, “it’s a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole.  It’s about an inch long and an inch high, made using clay, fake grass stuff and acrylic paints/nail varnishes.

Catherine and Tom stopped off at Oakland’s famous Phantom of The Attic, a regular hangout spot for the comic book loving duo, for some great portrait shots before heading over to their wedding filled with some creative geeky touches. Lots of superhero details went into their wedding from the reception table numbers and programs to the groom’s boutonnière which featured Tom’s favorite superhero, Spider-Man.