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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey…In Nail Art

I searched the web for some of the best Hobbit and Lord of The Rings inspired nail art to get you, and your fingers, ready for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Starting with the always impressive work of Kayleigh OC with her Hobbit-hole inspired nails. “I’ve never tried anything on this scale before,” says Kayleigh, “it’s a solid, 3D nail which is supposed to resemble a little Hobbit-hole.¬† It’s about an inch long and an inch high, made using clay, fake grass stuff and acrylic paints/nail varnishes.

lord of the rings nail art

Inspired by Gandalf the Grey, Kayleigh OC also created these¬† nails and included Gandalf’s pipe on the little finger and his hat and staff on the middle one. She even added just a touch of sparkle to the tips. “I don’t think Gandalf would mind a bit of glitter,” says Kayleigh.

One ring Hobbit inspired nails created by Nailasaurus.

Mordor with Frodo and Sam nail art by Undomiele. Check out her making of video on YouTube.

Argonath pass ruins in the first LotR movie Fellowship of the Ring by Undomiele. She also has a making of video for this set as well.

Eye of Sauron nails from Chalkboard Nails. The brushy effect was created by putting a very small amount of polish on a nail art brush and pulling strokes outward.

Set of hand-painted false nails inspired by The Hobbit created by indelibletattoo.

White Tree of Gondor by Holly from Nailed it With Glitter

Based on the cover of The Hobbit Hanna of Polish is a Girl’s Best Friend.