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Lady And The Tramp Styled Shoot

It’s still one of the most famous on screen kisses in cinematic history. The moment when pampered Lady and streetwise Tramp share a moonlit plate of spaghetti, unknowingly share the same noodle to find their mouths meet for a surprise kiss.

It’s been 57 years since Disney first released the animated film Lady and The Tramp on the big screen. Photographer Kaelyn Elizabeth brings you back to that alley behind the Italian cafĂ© with her romantic Lady And The Tramp styled engagement shoot. “Although it isn’t a real engagement session, I think it shows modern, current brides ways to incorporate their favorite films in to their engagement session in an effective and adorable way,” says Kaelyn. “I knew I just HAD to do the spaghetti scene (SO cute and SO lovely) but could a pair of human love birds do those cute dogs justice? Yes! Brett and Laura perfectly embody those two timeless characters for me. A gorgeous red head and a scruffy adorable man from perhaps the wrong side of the tracks.”

Based in Eugene, Oregon photographer Kaelyn Elizabeth styled the entire shoot herself working with only Shauna, a local jewelry designer who owns Lemon Kissed, to make the Lady and Tramp initial necklace for the shoot.

Want more? See more photos from the shoot on Karen’s Facebook page.

Vendors: Photographer: Kaelyne Photography/Jewelry: Lemon Kissed