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Save-The-Date: A Platform Adventure

A platformer with five levels, evil robots, and a super secret unlockable level now that’s what I call a wedding save-the-date. Tech Director Barry Abrams spent months creating this platform adventurer for his upcoming nuptials and shared his labor of love on Reddit for everyone to play.

Wedding guests received printed save-the-date cards in the mail, as well as, a flyer featuring arcade machines that directed guests to the game entitled “Save the Date: Katie & Barry are getting married“. Playing as either Katie or Barry you learn a little about the couple, and their dog Olive, playing through four wedding themed levels ending in a boss fight to save your other half from an evil robot. There’s also a super secret level that you unlock by collecting all the hearts in a single level.

“The game is a NES-style platformer,” explains Barry, “kind of like Mario or Mega Man. You play as the miniature cake topper versions of my fiancĂ© or myself (your pick) as you climb a huge wedding cake, make your way through presents, and a few other wedding inspired levels. The main villain of the game is an emotionless robot with a circular saw blade for an arm. The smaller bad guys are various hors d’oeuvres that we hate: Shrimp, Deviled Eggs and Broccoli. Our yellow lab, Olive, serves as a guide.”

The game is actually pretty fun and includes four wedding themed levels: ceremony, reception, cocktails & appetizers, cake cutting and an unlockable level.

“This concept for this game kind of built over time,” Barry adds, “In the beginning, it was just a printed card that was drawn in an 8-bit style. No game involved. The color palette is our wedding’s color palette. Then, I wanted to see if I could build a one-level mini game, using what little I knew of FlashPunk. When that was done, one level didn’t seem like enough…it was too short. So, I built a few more levels, and realized the game needed some sort of story. I realized pretty early that this project had gotten out of control, and instead of dialing down the scope (which is my typical reaction), I just went for it. I created… and created, and it was a great experience.”

Created by Barry Abrams with help from Katie Martin and Olive Abrams/Music by Derris Kharlan and Abstraction Music

(via Reddit)