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A Ring Box That’s Bigger On The Inside?

Artist Paul Pape creates amazing work from prop reproductions to cake toppers “custom created geekery” ,as he puts it, drawing inspiration from World of Warcraft to Mario Bros. To more recently Doctor Who in the form of ring boxes!

Remember that popular TARDIS ring box which made its rounds online? It was a great idea but only an after shot of a completed DIY and the how to was never posted. Everyone wanted to know how they to could make or just get their hands on one. Paul has created his own take on the Doctor Who ring box the first version (pictured above) and a second version which holds two rings and lights up! Paul created all the wiring and switches himself, and constructed it out of micro plywood and sheets of Pop-Out Woodies.

“This is the second TARDIS Ring Box I’ve created,” explains Paul, “The client wanted this one to house the rings inside, and have the doors open to reveal them.  I told him that the doors open inwards on the actual TARDIS, but he was OK with having them open outwards on the box.”

The first TARDIS ring box pictured is listed at $300, but Paul can create a ring box for any theme, with prices ranging between $300-$800 depending on the complexity of the ring box. Check out the video below to see more detailed shots of Paul’s TARDIS design.