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Following in the same concept as his infamous Dinosaur Heels, Instructable’s member mikeasaurus transforms ordinary white heels into everyone’s favorite Astromech. Known for modifying and piecing together everyday items into new and awesome things, these heels are definitely the droids you’ve been looking for .

After removing the heel, he then replaced it with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, attached a R2D2 toy to cover the heel bolt and decorated the toe with lenses and blue accents made from craft foam. He even added a working blinking red LED to mimic R2′s. His tutorial does require the use of some power tools: MIG welder, soldering iron, propane torch, rotary tool, electric drill so when your all done you’ll feel like you actually built a Droid.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started When Geeks Wed! I’ve loved sharing my geeky wedding ideas with all of you, all 485 posts of them, and receiving so many great submissions from Brides, Grooms and amazing photographers along the way. Where did it all start? One post about a Portal 2 Engagement and from there grew into hundreds more, the most popular one being my Elegant Black + Gold Batman inspiration board. I hope to find more time this year around to post more, grammer check more (d’oh!) and have more DIY projects and original content posted.

A big thank you to all of my readers from the ones who has been with me since the beginning to all the new ones who have just discovered WGW. You all make this blog what it is today and me want to continue posting and creating content for another year. Thank you again for all your comments and support.

To celebrate, I will be hosting a One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Monograms are a great way to personalize your wedding by incorporating your initials, and creating your own monograms make for an even better keepsake for after the wedding. Taking traditional wooden letters and geeky them up with some comic books and Mod Podge is blogger Elizabeth Giorgi of Being Geek Chic.

If you’re planning a wedding in a galaxy far, far away then you might want to consider an appearance by international Star Wars fan-based organization the 501st. A professional costuming organization of dedicated fans that construct and wear screen accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armor, Imperial officer uniforms, Clone Troopers and other “bad guys” from the Star Wars universe. As the world’s largest Imperial costuming organization, the 501st Legion has grown to more than 6,000 active members worldwide so there’s a good chance of finding a local Garrison nearby and available for your wedding day.

These Back to the Future fans didn’t need to hit 88 mph to shoot some seriously awesome save-the-dates! With a little help from one Atlanta based Delorean owner this geeky pair had the opportunity to shoot with a movie replica for the day, without disrupting the space-time continuum (I hope). “We wanted to somehow incorporate our love of the movies into our Engagement Shoot and our Save the Dates, explains bride to be Abbie, “unfortunately, neither one of us knew anyone with a DeLorean handy or a flux capacitor.” So the pair did a little digging and found a site that helps connect DeLorean owners to events and car shows.

This gamer Bride and her Husband, whom she met while playing as a female Night Elf rogue in World Of Warcraft, came up with a great concept for their wedding rings. Inscribed on the inside of their white gold bands is the phrase “Bind on Equip.” An obvious reference to the online game and was incorporated into their ceremony as being soul bound to them.

Although they may live in different parts of the world all six of these woman have two things in common: a passion for makeup and geek culture. Many of them are self-taught and share their step by steps on their blog or DevaintART pages to help others recreate their looks from home.

So get your makeup brushes and liners ready for some amazing geek inspired eye makeups from six talented woman!

Graphic designer Devan Nichole brings together her love of card making and geek culture to produce some beautiful wedding stationary based on the HBO series The Game Of Thrones. With more to come, Devan has created invitations and RSVP cards for the houses of Winterfell and Targaryen available now in her Etsy shop Nimbi Design.

Living in Portland, Oregon Devan came up with the name Nimbi “which is plural for a nimbus cloud…which living in the Northwest, felt quite appropriate, says Devan.” Always on the look out for a new project, which has subsequently spawned multiple Etsy shops to her name, Devan created Nimbi Design “to combine all of my old loves and the new one’s,” adds Devan, ” I discover along the way and share them with you, allowing you, to hopefully purchase them because you love them as much as I do. I want to provide fun and whimsical items, from jewelry, to cards, designs, custom work (invitations, business cards, etc.) to plushies, refurbished clothing, bags and so much more.”

Be sure to check out Devan’s blog to keep up on her current projects, how-to tutorials, gaming reviews and random posts about pinups and zombies (my kinda girl).

This House of Stark invitation for the wedding ceremony of Sansa and Geoffery (ugh) is available in any colors and letterpress. House mark and saying “Winter is coming.” This set includes: Invitation + matching envelope, RSVP + matching return envelope as well as the save the date + envelope.

Slip into these comfortable Halfling slippers after the wedding for a Honeymoon that will take you there and back again without those painful heels. As one of the largest costume retailers on the web I’m happy to partner with HalloweenCostumes.com to giveaway one of their products perfect for the geeky couple.

The front of these slippers are stitched to look like Hobbit toes with each toe having a toenail and hair printed on them. The slippers are also stuffed with soft foam on the top and sides and stiffer foam on the bottom to allow for comfortable wearing. The bottoms of the slippers are black with black rubber grips to allow for better traction when your  journey takes you beyond the Shire and into more dangerous territories.

HalloweenCostumes.com is giving away two pairs of Halfling feet for you and your significant other to wear on your Honeymoon in the peaceful Shire, along the river’s edge in Rivendell or the volcanoes of Mordor (whatever your into).