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DIY: White Witch Winter Wedding Candles

Add a little ice and snow to your winter wedding without breaking your budget with this simple diy project inspired by The White Witch of Narnia. All you need are a few supplies found at any local craft store to get started.

For this project I started with three white candles (because they are the cheapest) and added glitter to two of them for a snowy, ice effect. The third and largest candle I simply painted silver to represent the Queen’s power to turn the people of Narnia to stone.

All you need are a few supplies: candles, glitter, Mod Podge or spray adhesive, sponge brush or paint brush, painter’s tape or masking tape.

For  the first candle, I covered sections of the candle using painter’s tape. Then applied Mod Podge to the top exposed section of the candle and rolled it in silver glitter. Let it dry and then repeat using different colors or types of glitter. Remove the tape and you can either leave it as is, or add additional sections of Mod Podge and glitter like I did.

The second and largest candle was simply painted with silver paint using a sponge brush to get a rough, grainy effect. It took four coats to get the paint looking this thick on candle. Be sure to let each paint application dry completely before applying another layer (trust me on this I have experience from being impatient with paint).