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An Ood Proposal For A Doctor Who Fan

Waiting outside Virginia Tech for one very surprised Doctor Who fan was of all things an Ood, one of the alien races in the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who.

It was November 1st, the day after Halloween,” says Imgur user Astrid117, “He was handing out candy dressed as an Ood! I got out of class and saw him and I was pretty freaked out honestly! I didn’t want to go up to him but I saw that he had Reese’s in his hand so I decided to get some free candy. I had no idea it was him. He was completely covered head to toe in new clothes, and he even bought a voice changer so I didn’t recognize his voice.”

A huge Doctor Who fan, she went up to him to show off the Ood she had drawn on her laptop. He then asked her if  “I wanted to take a quiz to win River Song’s diary,” adds Astrid117, “He had it placed in a box in such a way that it looked like there were a lot of them. I had to answer seven questions to win the diary!”

After finishing all seven questions, and winning a pretty awesome looking diary, the Ood unmasked himself and got down on one knee to propose to his completely surprised girlfriend.

See more photos from this Ood proposal on Imgur.


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