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6 Makeup Artists To Follow, Who Are Also Geeks

Although they may live in different parts of the world all six of these woman have two things in common: a passion for makeup and geek culture. Many of them are self-taught and share their step by steps on their blog or DevaintART pages to help others recreate their looks from home.

So get your makeup brushes and liners ready for some amazing geek inspired eye makeups from six talented woman!


This self-taught makeup artist hails from Finland and is well known for her Avengers inspired makeup looks.

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Katie Alves

Not only has she turned her eyelids into canvases for her eye works of art, this Canadian’s favorite movie is Lord of The Rings so you know this girl is a geek at heart.

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Artist Nazzara is a student who is currently going to school in the United States to hone her skills, and has amassed quite the collection of Pokemon themed eye makeup.

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A blogger and makeup artist in the United States who creates makeup based on geeky inspirations from comics, video games and anime. She is also the makeup artist for the Batgirl: Spoiled webseries following the 3rd Batgirl on her journey to understand her place in Gotham.

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This small town girl from the United Kingdom has a passion for both makeup and singing, and professes that the Skyrim song “Dragonborn Come” is always stuck in her head.

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Brazilian artist Lally-Hime has been working on some great Game of Thrones inspired eye makeup recently, having already completed a full set of Harry Potter house makeups.

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