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Travel Back To The Future With This Save The Date

These Back to the Future fans didn’t need to hit 88 mph to shoot some seriously awesome save-the-dates! With a little help from one Atlanta based Delorean owner this geeky pair had the opportunity to shoot with a movie replica for the day, without disrupting the space-time continuum (I hope). “We wanted to somehow incorporate our love of the movies into our Engagement Shoot and our Save the Dates, explains bride to be Abbie, “unfortunately, neither one of us knew anyone with a DeLorean handy or a flux capacitor.” So the pair did a little digging and found a site that helps connect DeLorean owners to events and car shows.

They then enlisted long time friend and photographer Eric Cash of Shift-4 Photography who did an amazing job capturing the pair dressed as┬áMarty McFly and Doc to match the movie’s 1985 poster. “As soon as I booked our Delorean meet up [I knew] Shift-4 Photography had to be the one to shoot us (pressing shift 4 on your computer makes the $ sign and his last name is Cash. I still find that genius!) Not only did Eric fully understand our commitment,” adds Abbie, “to a geeky photoshoot he was fun to work with, easy to listen to and had great ideas.”

Replicating the fashion of two iconic characters like Marty McFly and Doc is one of the hardest parts of any themed shoot. These are two characters who are immediately recognizable just from their clothes alone and I think Abbie did a great job pulling it all off. Always a great place to start, as Abbie did, is your local Goodwill especially when your shopping for some vintage 80′s threads. “I found a rain jacket in the hue I wanted, cut the sleeves off and stuffed it to make it more vest like. Since I’m currently in medical school, I thought it much more appropriate to dress up as Doc instead of Jennifer. I had loads of fun making my own feminized version of what I thought a girl Doc should wear- I felt equally nerdy and beautiful in my outfit for the shoot.”

Can’t wait to see how this geeky couple’s wedding turns out as Abbie has hinted, “maybe we’ll surprise our guests with some more Back to the Future details!”

Photography: Shift-4 Photography


  1. This is lovely. The doc is cute. Awesome if I may say – Back to the Future – out of this world. Love seeing you guys – adorable.

    Glad dad shared this with me.

  2. Why was it shot in the daytime? Wouldn’t it make it 1000% more worthwhile (and worth the cost of a “professional” photographer) to wait until dark? The quality of these shots is underwhelming.

      • Hey Kris (and Laura below)!

        I shot these and while I definitely agree they could’ve been much better they were pretty last minute on my part. I didn’t even know there was going to be a Delorean until a couple days before hand. And I didn’t know WHEN that Delorean would show up until the day before. These were a fun ‘save the date’ engagement shoot, we did another one later that afternoon that fits more traditional engagement shoots. We were hounded by mall security immediately before we even took any shots and the owner of the car said he had 20 minutes. We asked if we could come back that evening and both parties said no. So while I see your criticism and can see why you would say this, there are many other factors involved. In the end what really matters is that the couple was happy. Thanks for viewing my work!

        • I see Laura and Kris’ point about the shoot not being at night which is understandable given the iconic movie reference. I know the couple was happy with the photos and that’s what really matters, and given the time restrains Eric had to work with, I thought they came out well. I feel like daytime shots work better for a save the date. Of course there is nothing wrong with night shoots I just don’t generally see them used a lot as save the dates.

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