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DIY: Comic Book Initials

Monograms are a great way to personalize your wedding by incorporating your initials, and creating your own monograms make for an even better keepsake for after the wedding. Taking traditional wooden letters and geeky them up with some comic books and Mod Podge is blogger Elizabeth Giorgi of Being Geek Chic.

 ”If you love comic books, but don’t just want to frame them up, consider embracing the letter and marquee trend and paper mâchéing your favorite comic book on your favorite letter of the alphabet. The results are quite delightful.

In this video, I used two issues of Wonder Woman to make a lovely W and an issue of Captain Marvel to make the giant M.” 

Monograms usually consist of three, two or simply just the first letter in the couple’s last name. Before the wedding ceremony, engaged couples generally use the combination of their first name initials “G&H“with the bride-to-be’s initial represented first. Married couples use the three-letter monogram incorporating the initial of their shared surname used after the ceremony. Traditionally, the groom’s last name initial is represented in the center with the first name initials of the couple on either side in smaller font. For example, the monogram HPG might be used for Harry and Ginny Potter.

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