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DIY: The R2D2 Heels You’ve Been Looking For

Following in the same concept as his infamous Dinosaur Heels, Instructable’s member mikeasaurus transforms ordinary white heels into everyone’s favorite Astromech. Known for modifying and piecing together everyday items into new and awesome things, these heels are definitely the droids you’ve been looking for .

After removing the heel, he then replaced it with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, attached a R2D2 toy to cover the heel bolt and decorated the toe with lenses and blue accents made from craft foam. He even added a working blinking red LED to mimic R2′s. His tutorial does require the use of some power tools: MIG welder, soldering iron, propane torch, rotary tool, electric drill so when your all done you’ll feel like you actually built a Droid.

Check out mikeasaurus’ full tutorial over on Instructables to create your own pair of R2D2 heels.