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In the future when they look back, and watch on DVD, the war between humans and the cybernetic race of their own creation, they will remember this day. The day Reddit user Disturbed Robot decided to take his love of Amy, and Battlestar Galactica, to the next level with a Cylon engagement ring!

This geeky couple met at a Battlestar Galactica party and it was from that first meeting that Reddit user Disturbed Robot decided to design and custom make a ring perfect for the Viper pilot of his dreams. Artist Craig Elliott recreated DR’s sketches as a CG  model in Maya. Once satisfied with the model it was then printed on a 3D printer, and a mold was cast from the model with the gold from his Grandmother’s ring. He also re-used the diamonds from his Grandmother’s ring in the final design as well.

Etsy shop RBK Creations is a mother and daughter team from Northern Dallas who create whimsical and sometimes geeky bouquets, like this Mario Bros inspired one with matching mini bouquets and boutonnières. Hand embroidered with a mixture of flowers, star flowers and mushrooms along with individually hand sewn buttons, this bouquet is perfect for any gamer bride.

Each of their pieces from their shop can made from buttons, felt, satin or organza and customized to your theme and choice of colors. The best part about these bouquets is that they will never wilt so you can save them as a keepsake for after the wedding, gamers like a high replay value.

Electrical Engineer Bill Porter proposed to his girlfriend in a very unique and geeky way, he etched the words “Mara will you marry me?” into a PCB (printed circuit board). What followed says Bill,  “is the usual happy ending movie proposal; tears, kisses, everything you would expect. I don’t need to go into details. The bottom line is it worked; she said YES! She was so caught off guard by how I did it she couldn’t stop laughing for a long time after.”

Now in the initial stages of planning for their ‘circuits and swirls’ wedding, Bill and his fiancé Mara have scraped convention once again and applied their engineering degrees into creating custom electronic wedding invitations. “Not content with plain old paper invitations my fiancé Mara and I smashed our geeky heads together to come up with a design that keeps with our circuits and swirls theme,” says Bill. “We decided to be more literal, by putting actual circuits into our invitations!”

It wasn’t the programing or electrical elements that challenged the couple during the making of but the number of invites coupled with the time spent on design and the cost of the components.

Captain America’s shield is the inspiration behind this geeked out cake stand made with a little paint and a lot of glitter. This easy project is perfect for your wedding dessert table or to display your homemade cupcakes at home. My store bought ceramic cake stand, paint, Modpodge and glitter cost a little over $20 but you can save money by making your own stand from cups/candle holders and plates in your home.

Crown and Glory & Elbie Van Eeden & Lisa Devlin Photography

Like many other wedding shows The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza showcases the best the industry has to offer from dress makers to cake designers, but this isn’t your ordinary wedding show. Step inside this wedding extravaganza to find custom comic book heels, three-tiered Back To The Future and lavish skull and rose themed wedding cakes, as well as, bespoke wedding gowns inspired by fairies and fantasy to tattoos and rockabilly. Their second show on March 24th continues to cater to couples who want “their” wedding be it Gothic, punk rock, geeky and everything in-between. It’s your day and your vision so “don’t be a wedding sheep…..it should be all about EWE!!”

Unlike ordinary wedding shows the suppliers, also known as the Baad Ass Mother Flockers, have all been hand picked and invited by the creators of The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza and industry professionals themselves – Sassy of Assassynation, Jo of The Couture Company and Vikki of Lillia. “The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza was born out of a real and genuine need for an alternative wedding show, the mainstream and vintage sections of our industry are adequately catered for, but what if you are a geek or a goth?” asks Jo. “The suppliers aka the Baad Ass Mother Flockers have been chosen and invited based on their personalities, the quality of their end product and the fact that they offer something unique. White linen covered trestle tables are discouraged and hard sells are banished.” The trio is also challenging their “Mo Flo’s” to create stands that are totally unique and interactive and unlike anything you’ve before.