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The Cake Is Not A Lie

It’s no lie that Cakes by Beth creates beautiful, award winning cakes from their studio in Manchester, United Kingdom; and this Portal/companion Cube wedding cake is no exception winning an award in my book. “The couple wanted something geeky but also still a wedding cake and pretty,” says owner Beth. I love how she took the heart detail from the faces of the companion cube to use as a pattern on the base tier. “We also changed the phrase from “the cake is a lie” to “the cake is not a lie” as I felt that this was more appropriate. A hand-painted the sign saying this, trying to emulate the style of the writing on the wall in the game,”adds Beth.Portal is one of those rare games that makes physics, math and problem-solving fun and interesting, with players spending hours a day using logic and spatial reasoning to solve puzzles. Owner and cake designer Beth, who has a PhD in Materials Science, takes a similar approach to baking by applying her knowledge of science to solve cake puzzles. “This may sound like an unlikely pairing between cakes and scientific research but the two areas have more in common than you might think,” says Beth. “Baking a cake is very much like an experiment, where you have to be precise and accurate with your ingredients, temperature and timing. Also, cakes are quite structural so require logical thought and planning to put them together. Add all this to the need for patience and attention to detail and you have yourself an edible science project.”

Cakes by Beth is based near Salford Quays in Manchester and is recommended by top wedding venues in the Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. One of their wedding cake designs was awarded Silver at Cake International, ExCel Arena, London in April 2012.