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Geeky Marriage Proposal Ideas

When it comes to proposing, couples with a quirky side have some of the most unique and interesting ways of popping the question. Whether you’re both into anime or met while gaming, lovers of geeky activities can easily infuse their nerdy personalities into their proposals. Dress up like a character from his favorite comic book, or speak her language and propose in Ewokese. No matter how you do it, proposing in an unconventional manner can make your engagement more memorable than the first time you saw The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

There are an array of ways you can ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage in your own special, nerdy fashion. Here are a few ideas that will help you devise your own proposal for that special geek in your life.

Bookish Proposals

Propose by the book, or a book. If you and your sweetheart are literary junkies who enjoy the same novels, whether they be graphic or science fiction, plan a proposal based around your favorite books or series. One man hollowed out a paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, put an engagement ring inside, and presented the book to his girlfriend. Perhaps you prefer to propose using your own literary masterpiece. Utilize an online publishing platform to craft a book detailing the story of your relationship (be sure to include photos that capture your best “couple” moments) with a surprise offer of marriage at the end. Recreating a scene or part from a book is another brilliant way to ask for your mate’s hand in marriage. Reenact the romantic engagement scene from The Notebook, or, if dressing up and recreating scenes from a novel isn’t your cup of tea, propose using aspects or quotes from a piece of writing that holds sentimental value to both you and your future spouse.

Fairytale Proposals

Themed marriage ceremonies are nothing new within the wedding industry, and couples with intriguing interests usually throw the most elaborate celebrations. Many brides and grooms with interests in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi, or those who are huge film buffs, are more prone to don costumes or other outfits and infuse material from their favorite show, movie, or story into their nuptial ceremonies. Dressing as characters from a film cherished by you and your partner can be more than just a wedding theme—proposing in this manner is a distinctive way to mark the occasion of betrothal. Give the love of your life an engagement to remember by asking for her hand while wearing the garb of a prince and presenting her with an elegant ring

Technological Proposals

If you and your future spouse are fans of video gaming or computer programming, you may want to pop the question using lingo you both are familiar with. In 2010, a Jersey city man proposed to his girlfriend via the game Bejeweled, while another man popped the question using his Nintendo 3DS. Other techies have used internet tools such as Google Maps or websites like StumbleUpon to ask the big question.