Home DIY DIY: Captain America Cake Stand

DIY: Captain America Cake Stand

Captain America’s shield is the inspiration behind this geeked out cake stand made with a little paint and a lot of glitter. This easy project is perfect for your wedding dessert table or to display your homemade cupcakes at home. My store bought ceramic cake stand, paint, Modpodge and glitter cost a little over $20 but you can save money by making your own stand from cups/candle holders and plates in your home.

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Step 1: Either freehand or print out a stencil of Captain America’s shield to fit your cake stand. Cut out each ring and finally the star to trace with a pencil on the top of your stand.

Step 2: Use paint to color in the red, white and blue before you use glitter. This will help fill in any missed glitter spots and hide the color of your cake stand if it’s not white. Let dry.

Step 3: Once the paint is dry start in the center of your cake stand applying Modpodge then the corresponding color glitter and working your way out.

Important: Do not place food directly on the stand as the glitter is not edible. Place a round piece of glass on top of the cake stand, a clear plate or paper cut in a circle to separate your desserts from the glitter.