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DIY: Electronic Wedding Invitations

Electrical Engineer Bill Porter proposed to his girlfriend in a very unique and geeky way, he etched the words “Mara will you marry me?” into a PCB (printed circuit board). What followed says Bill,  “is the usual happy ending movie proposal; tears, kisses, everything you would expect. I don’t need to go into details. The bottom line is it worked; she said YES! She was so caught off guard by how I did it she couldn’t stop laughing for a long time after.”

Now in the initial stages of planning for their ‘circuits and swirls’ wedding, Bill and his fiancé Mara have scraped convention once again and applied their engineering degrees into creating custom electronic wedding invitations. “Not content with plain old paper invitations my fiancé Mara and I smashed our geeky heads together to come up with a design that keeps with our circuits and swirls theme,” says Bill. “We decided to be more literal, by putting actual circuits into our invitations!”

It wasn’t the programing or electrical elements that challenged the couple during the making of but the number of invites coupled with the time spent on design and the cost of the components.

The design concept of the invite features circuit traces running along the edge with decorative swirls on the opposing side of the card. “I figured it would be neat if the stylish traces actually terminated to real working parts, in this case twinkling LEDs; something simple to implement while cool,” says Bill.

Get the full step by step tutorial and view more photos from Bill on his website The Mind Of Bill Porter.