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A Storybook Wedding Program

Their engagement was “A Tale as Old as Time” for two animation nerds, Kelly and Sean, whose love for Disney Animation and each other developed into their own real-life Disney fairy tale.

For their storybook wedding featuring a Shrek and Sleeping Beauty theme, the creative couple illustrated, wrote and bond their own Golden Book inspired wedding programs. “Everything was handmade by my husband and I,” says Kelly,” from the artwork to the bonding of the books.” The beautiful illustrations are the work of storyboard artist Kelly while Sean wrote the couple’s love story about an Ogre falling in love with a Princess.

[Wedding photos by Callaway Gable, LLC/Illustrations by Kelly Hobby/Story by Sean Bishop]


  1. Thanks, Laura and Stephanie. Kelly and I really appreciate it. We honestly have NO idea how we pulled all of this off in a year. It’s like we were too busy to realize how far in over our heads we were. ;-P

  2. I was going to do this for our wedding programs and then of COURSE someone has already done it and did it so amazing that it will be impossible to make it any better ;)

    Good job, these are adorable and I love this idea.

  3. Is there any way you could share the process to making them or commission info, Kelly and Sean? (or whengeekswed)? This is unbelievable and perfect for the bookish couple!

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