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Opening this CustomMade Quidditch set you’ll find the typical equipment to play Harry Potter’s favorite sport; Bludgers, a Quaffle, Beater’s Bats and a Golden Snitch with a hidden secret.

When Rachel wanted to propose to her girlfriend Jaquie, a longtime Harry Potter fan, she set out to win her heart not with a magic potion but with a CustomMade Quidditch set and engagement ring. CustomMade artist Anthony Albano accepted Rachel’s challenge designing this Quidditch set/engagement ring box. Recreating the player’s equipment and the box from wood, Anthony added in the worn detailing along with the embellishments and hardware on the outside of the box to create a realistic and ‘played’ look.

She may not have a storefront in her hometown of Vancouver, but baker Candice of Love Your Cake has created some amazing cakes that really need to be displayed. With her Kitchen Aid mixer set to stun Candice created these geeky creations from a Star Trek Borg cake to Game of Thrones cupcakes and even a hand painted Loki cake.


These amazingly detailed heels are inspired by everyone’s favorite droid and hand painted by Beauty For The Geek, and if I had to guess, the artist is a huge Star Wars fan. Check out all her past custom creations all of which are inspired by a galaxy far, far away.


For Harry Potter fans Stephanie and Adam The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando made for the perfect location to take their awesomely geeky engagement photos, and the only location for Adam. Photographer Emily Gilbert, owner of E. Gilbert Photography in central Florida, shot the couple on their magical photo journey through the streets and shops of Hogmeade and corridors of Hogwarts castle. “Adam and Stephanie, are huge HP fans – Adam didn’t even want to take engagement photos until Stephanie suggested Hogsmeade as the location.” explains Emily.

This gaming couple found a creative way to incorporate their love of Borderlands into their upcoming wedding. Sharing her invite on Reddit Bansh33 says, “My fiance and I got into Borderlands shortly after we started dating. We spent hours a day on our characters. When Borderlands 2 came out, we got to do it all over again!” judging by her fiance’s previously completed missions which include; appearing as a contestant on American Ninja Warrior and Guinness World Records: Gone Wild for “Most Items Kicked off Peoples Heads in a Minute” I expect some ninja moves on the dance floor will be in order to complete the couple’s wedding mission.

Car decals have become increasing popular and you’ve probably seen your share of stick finger families staring back at you while stopped at a red light somewhere. Luckily for us geeks Etsy shop Epic Family Decals offers a variety of vinyl stickers inspired by all-time geek favorites such as Doctor Who and Star Trek.

It all started with one creative business idea for a kindergarten teacher to make some extra money. “Having the low income of a kindergarten teacher,” explains shop owner Dan, “along with an upcoming wedding to pay for, caused me to come up with some creative ways to pay for some of the supplies needed in the classroom. While also allowing me to save for my, and my lovely then-fiance’s wedding.” For Dan, the first and most important step was figuring out what to sell in his shop.

Chef Duff Goldman’s Charm City Cakes created this amazing cake replica of a Gallente Space Station from the game Eve Online. Depending on your perspective, the Gallente are known as either the “do-gooders” or “champions of freedom” in the science fiction MMORPG which is set more than 21,000 years in the future in the human colonized system of New Eden. Either way, their space station looks too good to eat.


Having made quite the name for herself in the gaming community, Brittany Foster of Bmf Jewelry is known as the ‘Gamer Jeweler’ over at CustomMade for her amazing video game inspired rings. Her latest gamer creation is nothing new for Brittany, who previously created the companion cube ring made from stainless steel with pink enameled hearts. A play on an eternity ring Brittany replaces the traditional diamonds with four mini Xbox controllers. Each controller has four sets of grouped stones (four rubies, four emeralds, and eight sapphires (four yellow and four blue)) to represent the buttons on the controllers of the Xbox engagement ring.

The romance theme “Reflections”, composed by Jack Wall for the video game Mass Effect 2, fills the hall of an old Cornwall church as bride Santhie walks down the aisle towards her Commander Shepard. The couple, who are huge Mass Effectfans, decided to theme their wedding around the first two installments of Bioware’s popular science fiction trilogy. “We felt Mass Effect 3 was a big disappointment; like many fans, we felt the ending was particularly bad,” explains Santhie. “But we had already started planning a Mass Effect-themed wedding before the third game was released, and decided not to let it change our theme – we loved the first two games.”

Born on the small island of Puerto Rico and raised in the big city that never sleeps, blogger Loren of Pandora’s Craft Box, would end up marrying the love of her life and moving to the middle of nowhere.

Their love story started in college but ending parting ways as friends. Admittedly, they have both had stuck in the back of their mind “the one just got away”. Their story would continue, “once I year I would call him or text him to see how he was doing,” says Loren. “During our conversation the big question would come up which was if either of us was attached to someone…As time went on we continued to talk more and more each day. We were starting to get to know each other all over again.”