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Santhie + Adrian’s Mass Effect Wedding

The romance theme “Reflections”, composed by Jack Wall for the video game Mass Effect 2, fills the hall of an old Cornwall church as bride Santhie walks down the aisle towards her Commander Shepard. The couple, who are huge Mass Effectfans, decided to theme their wedding around the first two installments of Bioware’s popular science fiction trilogy. “We felt Mass Effect 3 was a big disappointment; like many fans, we felt the ending was particularly bad,” explains Santhie. “But we had already started planning a Mass Effect-themed wedding before the third game was released, and decided not to let it change our theme – we loved the first two games.”
This was their Normandy, a wedding set not light years away in space but against the beautiful coastline of Cornwall in the UK. A distance that proved to be too far for a few friends and family to reach. So the couple live-streamed their ceremony to friends and family who couldn’t make it to the couple’s UK wedding. “They could still ‘be there in attendance’ even though they physically were in other countries e.g. Canada and Qatar,” explains Santhie. Shot by the talented Kari Bellamy, a wedding photographer in Britain who generously treated the newlyweds to a post-wedding photo shoot along Cornwall’s picturesque beaches.

Adding more tech to their science fiction wedding, the groom, a software programmer and web developer, created a Mass Effect-inspired wedding website for the couple’s guests to RSVP. Written in Mass Effect’s in-game fontmainly Korataki with Handel Gothic for certain letters, their email invites directed guests to their website to RSVP. In the fashion of the game, guests could RSVP and choose their menu and transport options by using a fully functioning Mass Effect-style in-game dialogue wheel. “Our invitation RSVP was actually like playing Mass Effect! With artwork related to the first two games for each question that needed a dialogue-wheel choice, and we tried to include the odd subtle Mass Effect joke. We had a lot of feedback from our guests about how creative it was and how easy and fun it was to play,” says Santhie.

In addition to “Reflections” being played during the ceremony the couple also chose “Heart Of Courage” from the Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer, “Mass Effect Theme”, “Uncharted Worlds” (the music that plays every time you open the galaxy map), “Spectre Induction” from the first game and “The Normandy Reborn” from the second game.

Stars and crystals echoed their intergalactic theme decorating their table centerpieces and ceremony programs. The bride’s bouquet was also made of feathers and crystals, and the bridesmaids’ bouquets were made of star-shaped crystals and ribbons and handmade by one of her bridesmaids. Their wedding colors of red, white and silver/grey were inspired from Commander Shepard’s default N7 armor. “The exception to the color scheme were my bridesmaids,” explains Santhie, “because I wanted them to choose their own bridesmaid’s dresses rather than pick one out for them, so they ended up (rather unintentionally) being my “something blue” as per wedding tradition.”

Vendors: Photographer: Kari Bellamy/Reception Venue: St Ives Harbour Hotel in Cornwall, UK/London Black Taxi Cab: Plymouth Black Cab Company/Karaoke Kit: Lucky Voice/Chocolate Fountain: Chocolate Fountain Hire


  1. Great wedding, great reception and beautiful venues. With the added bonus of the sunshine and stars in the evening, you had the lot! Pity the spacecraft was not ready on time!!

  2. It’s barely Mass Effect themed – I was expecting costumes and strong sci-fi vibes at the actual venue and ryncol on the bar menu. Instead they had a Mass Effect mini-game on a website and some artwork strewn around the reception floor. I’m very happy for the couple, don’t get me wrong – I’m just disappointed because, as another poster has stated, I was eager to see some complete cosplay. Regarding their refusal to include Mass Effect 3 in their considerations – get over it! Jebus, people are still throwing fits over the ending? Even people who loathed everything about the ending acknowledge that the rest of the game was a very refined and improved package. I think perhaps this couple, like many others, were dissatisfied with the last 15 minutes of the game, and this is a LAME cop-out because there is so much visual and creative imagery in Mass Effect 3 that would lend itself well to a wedding!


  3. Congratulations to the couple!

    I will have to agree with D-San… it looked like a traditional wedding with a few print-outs. There’s a LOT more you can do to make this Mass Effect-themed: ryncol, serrice ice brandy, transparent orange save-the-date plastic cards, favors, a dress that looks like femshep’s kasumi dress in ME2, a tux that looks like an Alliance officer’s dress suit, etc. etc.

  4. This is just beautiful. I love how they’ve incorporated their theme without going full-on tacky, which is what cosplay probably would’ve done. It’s classy, tasteful and perfect. :)

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