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Etsy Finds: Epic Family Decals

Car decals have become increasing popular and you’ve probably seen your share of stick finger families staring back at you while stopped at a red light somewhere. Luckily for us geeks Etsy shop Epic Family Decals offers a variety of vinyl stickers inspired by all-time geek favorites such as Doctor Who and Star Trek.

It all started with one creative business idea for a kindergarten teacher to make some extra money. “Having the low income of a kindergarten teacher,” explains shop owner Dan, “along with an upcoming wedding to pay for, caused me to come up with some creative ways to pay for some of the supplies needed in the classroom. While also allowing me to save for my, and my lovely then-fiance’s wedding.” For Dan, the first and most important step was figuring out what to sell in his shop.

“I had purchased a paper die cutting machine the previous Black Friday.  It had been a HUGE help in decorating the classroom and die cutting paper items for projects.  Soon though, I was using the machine for everything, in and out of school. After doing more research on the machine, I found that, with some adjustments I could use it to cut more than paper including the vinyl material used for wall sayings and stick figure families on the backs of cars. The combination of this information, along with a burst of inspiration after seeing 2 silhouette heads of Mario and The Princess, showing them as a couple on a random ”nerd” site, a lightbulb went off. I brainstormed a few concepts that had cult followings, and Star Wars seemed like my best bet. I played around with a few images and finally landed on the Stormtrooper design.  I started with the regular version and then added a bow to represent the mother and then offered smaller versions of the parents, as children.”

Two and a half years later the Epic Family Decals shop continues to grow; which isn’t bad for a self-proclaimed “closet geek” and kindergarten teacher whose two biggest geek-secret-shames are vinyl toy figures and pro-wrestling “hence the picture on our site of my wife with Rowdy Roddy Piper.” Be sure to check out the rest of the store for more decal sets including Star WarsTransformers, Cthulhu, LEGO and more.