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A Custom Made Quidditch Proposal

Opening this CustomMade Quidditch set you’ll find the typical equipment to play Harry Potter’s favorite sport; Bludgers, a Quaffle, Beater’s Bats and a Golden Snitch with a hidden secret.

When Rachel wanted to propose to her girlfriend Jaquie, a longtime Harry Potter fan, she set out to win her heart not with a magic potion but with a CustomMade Quidditch set and engagement ring. CustomMade artist Anthony Albano accepted Rachel’s challenge designing this Quidditch set/engagement ring box. Recreating the player’s equipment and the box from wood, Anthony added in the worn detailing along with the embellishments and hardware on the outside of the box to create a realistic and ‘played’ look.

Rachel’s vision was to give Jaquie a Quidditch set complete with a Golden Snitch which opened to reveal an engagement ring. For the proposal, Rachel set up an indoor Quidditch match complete with pitch, broomsticks and the Quidditch set/engagement ring box waiting to be opened. Jaquie said yes!


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