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When Reddit user nintendai decided it was time to propose he did so in true Harry Potter style with a Golden Snitch ring box! Unable to find a box that met his Quidditch tournament standards he decided to make his own Snitch with a bedpost knob, gold paint and feathers. 

It was at Ana and Marc’s favorite comic book shop, Happy Harbor Comics in their hometown of Edmonton, where this quirky couple said their “I do’s”.  Inspired by their love of art, toys, robots and comics their all things nerdy wedding was exactly how the bride had envisioned her big day to be. “I wanted my guests to arrive at our venue, feeling that they had left the known world and had stepped into a fantastical version of the world Marc and I had created for ourselves,” says Ana. “We wanted our guests to come into our wedding, like how one would enter our home: to feel the warmth of our hospitality, to taste the exoticness of our world-wide adventures, and to experience the quirkiness of our love and our love of things geeky.”

Made from a vintage AT-AT toy and going by the name Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Perambulator, this steam (cotton ball) powered machine is one crafty geek’s engagement gift to his girlfriend Caroline.

Love + art + video games is what makes Etsy shop Art Nerd For Hire a winning combination for geeks and gamers looking for awesome video game inspired wedding invitations.

An avid collector and player of classic video games owner Jonny Rice is not your ordinary card artist. “Video games are such a huge part my life and our culture. There is a whole generation of people that have grown up playing and loving video games. They have a distinct style that I’ve always found charming and fascinating. Games also just happen to work very well for invitations because they blend information with artistry. As a super-geek, adding video game elements to my wedding got me excited +10,” says Jonny. With so much “geek cred” behind it Art Nerd For Hire can customize any video game inspired invitation from classic Super Mario Bros to the more recently released Mass Effect. 

This miniature version of the Doctor’s Tardis features a pulsating LED light at the top of the famous police box from Etsy shop BitsWithByte. The light pulses at the same frequency as its full size counterpart on the show and comes with a ring insert and a inscription plate. “Just the thought of helping someone create their dream piece whether it be for a wedding, a present or for themselves, is my passion,” says shop owner Octavia. She also has a really cute, handmade Companion Cube engagement ring box available in her shop as well.

Take a page from this couple’s wedding a marriage of British country cottage charm with the romance of the Edwardian style of Downton Abbey. Add lots of colorful paper and pastel fabric touches to make for a vintage book themed wedding with some subtle geeky touches. Within the gorgeous Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, California bookworms Beckie and Patrick said their “I do’s” among family and friends photographed by Rachel McCauley Photography who also shot the couple’s engagement session at the L.A. Central Library.

Just because your planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up your wedding favor items to save some money. Couples on average spent around $289 on their wedding favors in 2012, that may not seem like a significant amount on its own, but add that total to your other average wedding expenses and your looking at a wedding cost around $28,000. Now don’t go cutting your favors out of your wedding just yet, there are many unique and creative favor ideas out there that won’t break your budget.

One idea that’s perfect for a hot, summer wedding are personalized koozies can cooler that you can custom design and give to your guests! With a variety of colors to choose from add your wedding monogram, a quote that represents the two of you as a couple, a QR code to scan or a geeky reference your guests will love. Save even more money on your wedding by doubling your personalized koozies as an escort card holder or menu holder. Coming in at under a $1 per koozie you can still let your guest know you appreciate their attendance and support, and give them something they can take home they’ll actually use.