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Looks Like You’ve Got Some Mail

“I open at the beginning” read the golden Snitch embedded within a copy of the book “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” for a proposal a Harry Potter fan would never forget. “I proposed to my lovely Olivia with the help of my best friend Tim,” explains Jon. “We procured an owl, yes a LIVE OWL. The handler dressed up as Hagrid, and came down to the firepit at the cabin we rented in Boone, NC.” Within the pages of the Harry Potter series owls are seen as magical creatures often used for delivering posts and parcels in the wizarding world, and this owl, had a post with Olivia’s name on it.

Hagrid walked up to a nervous Jon and a curious Olivia with his owl perched on his arm and a scroll of parchment tied to its leg which Olivia then read:

Handing Olivia a package wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine, a copy of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” marked to the chapter “The Unbreakable Vow”. “I had hidden a Snitch, which had “I open at the beginning” engraved upon it. I opened the Snitch to reveal a velvet lined locket with the ring,” explains Jon. “I got down on one knee and told her that I want to spend forever with you, and you have changed my life.” She said yes!

Photography and image manipulation by: Lucid Kinetics